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A snapshot into the life of Palestinian women

International Women’s Day in Gaza 2016
International Women’s Day in Gaza 2016

Women in Gaza marked International Women’s Day by showcasing life in the Strip through pictures.

They showed women demonstrating against the ongoing and illegal Israel siege, drawing the world’s attention to the support they need to improve their quality of life.

The images also depict a detainee’s mother who sits opposite the Red Cross headquarters every Monday calling for the freedom and release of her son, who does not enjoy access to education or medical treatment in spite of international laws governing the treatment of prisoners.

Palestinian folklore and heritage are also outlined through theatre performances and handicrafts which the women hold onto and create.

There is also the working woman who strives to make a living even if she is forced to work in the toughest conditions and in professions traditionally taken up by men, such as carpentry.

While others are seen raising their children in poverty without access to the most basic commodities.

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