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What remains for Al-Sisi to waste?

The text below is a statement by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Talk about abandoning the rights and property of the Egyptian people by the criminal Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and his regime is no longer unusual or casual. Since squandering the dignity of the Egyptians and their freedom, blood and right to an honourable living, as the price for tightening his grip on the economy in the interests of the military he leads, the talk now is about what remains for Sisi and his regime to abandon along with what they have already wasted.

What remains after abandoning Egypt’s natural gas rights in eastern Mediterranean fields?

What remains after abandoning Egypt’s rights to the waters of the Nile?

What remains after deepening the wound of Sinai and pursuing a policy of displacing people, demolishing their homes and murdering them instead of development, the construction of infrastructure and reinforcing communal security?

What remains after decimating the value of the Egyptian pound, the country’s hard currency reserves and the investment-friendly climate?

What remains after killing every hope for the revival of industry, trade, agriculture and investment?

Talks about the borders and the property of the Egyptian people is now taking place behind closed doors. The most recent has been about the re-demarcation of territorial waters with regard to the Egyptian islands of Tiran and Sanafir where the Gulf of Aqaba meets the Red Sea. This is likely to lead to the abandonment of other Egyptian property by signing an agreement with Saudi Arabia over the re-demarcation of the economic boundaries between the two countries. The objective is to obtain more money and political support in the service of private interests and in support of murder, persecution and the squandering of dignity.

The Muslim Brotherhood hereby declares unequivocally that no one has the right to abandon the property and resources of the Egyptian people in exchange for a fistful of dollars, or in exchange for support for government policies sanctioning murder, detentions, violations, forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings.

There is no future for the criminal Sisi and his clique, who have been working in earnest to blackmail Egypt’s regional and international environs under the banner of fighting terrorism – which the state president himself creates, practices and is embroiled in, along with his agencies and aides – while at other times doing so under empty slogans. He has no future because he is fighting his own people and is abandoning their property and domestic and national security. Any attempt to provide this gang with any form of support or to negotiate with its leader over the property of the Egyptian people is to back a mirage that is not going to last. The failure of Sisi and his regime is inevitable, whereas victory for the revolution is both imminent and inevitable.

Our position

The Muslim Brotherhood declares unequivocally that whatever Sisi and his gang are pursuing in terms of policies, agreements and discussions – whether secretly or openly – to undermine the rights of the Egyptians and squander their resources is something that has no legitimacy whatsoever. What is being tampered with is a genuine right of the Egyptian people who are struggling for their freedom; to regain their dignity; and to be able to choose their own representatives and rulers freely. The Egyptian people will assess the positions of those who offer support for the policies of repression and persecution, as well as the positions of those who support the revolution and the call for dignity, justice and freedom.

The Muslim Brotherhood also declares quite unequivocally its objections to any attempt to draw the people of Egypt towards any reconciliation with this corrupt regime. The movement will continue to work with all its strength, together with whoever wishes to join in its efforts, in a bid to do away with this oppressive military coup regime and accomplish the objectives of the January Revolution in full.

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