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Rouhani requests 'death to Israel' message be removed from missiles

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's request to delete the phrase 'death to Israel' from ballistic missiles has stirred controversy, Arabi21 reported yesterday.

Iranian news agency Mehr said that Rouhani had sent a request to the Supreme Guide of the Iranian Revolution asking him to agree to erase the phrase from the missiles.

Recently, former Iranian President Ali Hashmi Rafsanjani revealed that the founder of the Iranian Revolution had agreed to delete the phrase "death to America" during the last years of his life.

Monitors have said that Rouhani recognises the power and domination of the Israeli lobbies in the EU and the United State and is afraid that these phrases might show a contradiction in his political discourse which is calling for peace and stability in the region.

Iranian reformers consider Rouhani's request a "clever diplomatic message" from him to the Europeans and the Americans who closely follow the political change in Iran.

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