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EU parliamentarians: Egypt is ‘unsafe’ country

Image of the Italian student and researcher Giulio Regen [File photo]
Image of the Italian student and researcher Giulio Regeni [File photo]

A number of Italian parliamentarians filed a petition to the European parliament calling it to consider Egypt an “unsafe” country after the murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni, reported on Friday.

The electronic petition was signed by 90 Italian parliamentarians, who are members of the EU parliament.

“This proposal is serious and logical,” said Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights in the Italian Parliament Luigi Manconi, adding that Egypt is no more a “safe” place as it was not for Regeni and also for the Egyptians themselves.

Speaking to Italian TV, Manconi said: “The acts of the Egyptian government were not showing it is cooperating in the issue of killing the Italian researcher. It shows defiance and indifference with the international pressure in this regard.”

The Italian MPs sent their petition to the EU Representative of Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini.

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  • Eman Nabih

    If Italy wants to fabricate a crisis with Egypt and to the interests of other parties, Italy wants to declare war on Egypt, then Welcome to the battles field.

    Italy has the right to talk about their citizens including Regina. But Italy doesn’t have the right to talk on behalf of the Egyptian people or even to mention their name. The Egyptian people did not give Italy an authorization to speak in their name.

    Italy has a lot of internal problems. They should focus more on solving their own internal problems instead of focusing on trying to distract the Italian people outside their borders, in am attempt to ease the pressure faced by the Italian government.

    If we are going to talk about safe and unsafe countries, I think that the European Union is the last to speak on this matter. Particularly after the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, France, and which showed a disregard for the lives of civilians and poor security measures in countries that do not lack potentials or tools to provide complete protection to their citizens within their own countries borders.

    Who lives in a glass house in the European countries, should not throw bricks on Egypt.

  • Elwi Helal

    SIMPLE AND EASY we dont have Ganges , corruption or mafia same like Italy SO its not fair to make any comparisons between the life safety and quality between Egypt and Italy IN RESPECT of life safety needless to remind our Italian friends THAT Egyptian citizen almost more than 6 months disappeared without any real investigation about his disappearance same has happened in England a young man Egyptian Eng burned to death also we dont heard any thing about his death We hope the Italian politicians focus more on solving their own internal problems not to export their problems to us