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Israel uproots olive trees in Qalqilya to build settler road

NABLUS, WEST BANK: Palestinian women sort olives during the harvest at a farm.

Israeli occupation forces yesterday uprooted dozens of olive trees in the Qafr Qaddoum neighbourhood, in the east of West Bank city of Qalqilya, to build a new road to the in the illegal settlement of Kidomim, Quds Press reported.

Palestinian farmer Jumaa Barham reported 50 olive trees in his farm had been uprooted.

Jumaa said that the Israeli occupation had told locals that it was allocating their farmlands for the new road. "This will divide our farms and many more trees will be uprooted," he said. "We will be unable to reach all of our land."

He added that the Israeli occupation prevented journalists and rights groups from accessing the targeted farms.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Civil Administration's Organisation Committee announced on Thursday that it halted work on the water pipe feeding Khirbet Ibziq, east of the village of Tubas.

Palestinian sources said that the village does not have any running or drinking water. Villagers use tanks to deliver the water they need.

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