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Moroccan media agrees to improve international coverage of Palestine

May 19, 2016 at 2:37 pm

The Palestine Media Forum, National Syndicate of the Moroccan Press and the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers signed an agreement of cooperation to further the Palestinian cause.

Hisham Kassim, head of the Palestine Media Forum which is being held in Istanbul, Turkey, today, said: “The agreement aims to connect and coordinate between the different media groups in Morocco and to increase their media content which aims to disseminate the Palestinian narrative in the face of the countering argument.”

He explained that the agreement would come into affect soon and that he hoped Palestine would have greater coverage in Morocco.

The three organisations agreed to undertake a number of actions to help the Palestinian cause gain greater coverage in the media on both the Arab and international level, in particular in Morocco.

Palestine through the lens of the media

A two-day conference hosted by the Palestine Media Forum in partnership with MEMO pulls together activists from over 50 countries to look at how we can unite organisations to provide a true image of the Palestinian struggle and their sarifices.

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These include six plans which range from academic, training and raising awareness. The most prominent of these is “Media Training to Help Palestine” which aims to influence the media’s view of the Palestinian issue. It would provide Moroccan journalists with facts and information regarding the history and situation on the ground in Palestine to increase awareness and arm journalists to counter Israeli media campaigns.

There will also be conferences which will allow journalists and academics to come together to benefit Palestinian rights.

The agreement tackles the Western media in particular with the project “A correspondent in Palestine” which will allow international journalists to travel to Palestine to see first hand the suffering caused by the occupation and to encourage them to improve and increase the coverage of the Palestinian people’s plight.