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Tunisia calls on EU to increase its financial support

May 25, 2016 at 11:52 am

Tunisian Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation, Yassine Brahim, yesterday called for greater financial and material support from the European Union in order to facilitate the country’s democratic transition.

Speaking on the sidelines of the European Days, an event organised by the European Union Delegation in Tunis, the minister said that it is possible for the EU to offer Tunisia donations of more than €200 or €300 million in light of what it is doing with Ukraine or for the refugee issue.

Tunisia has suffered from a significant decline in cash flow and a subsequent increase in its deficit due to the decline in tourism revenues.

Brahim added that Europe’s support for Tunisia since the 2011 revolution has amounted to an average of €200 million a year. “We ask for a higher level of material and financial support from the European Union,” he said.

The European Union Delegation in Tunisia yesterday published figures regarding Europe’s support for the country since 2011, showing that EU assistance reached €1.299 billion, including €300 million in the form of loans while the remainder were donations.

“We asked for more promptness in taking decisions to support … our country, and what we are criticising the European Union for is the slow pace of decision-making. We say that Tunisia is witnessing a period of transition and we need this quickly,” Brahim said.