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Yusuf Islam releases new song to support Syrian refugees

British Muslim artist Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, has released a song addressing the Syrian refugee crisis.

His new song is about the story of a 12-year-old Syrian refugee boy.

He is scheduled to perform the song during a charity concert in London. The concert is being held in support of Syrian refugee children and will be organised later this month, according to Middle East Eye.

Islam wrote on the website of the charity organising the concert: “It was difficult to stand by just watching this tragedy without trying to do something, I simply decided to help humanise the narrative and lend my voice to the call for keeping hearts and doors open to every refugee, especially youngsters, who have lost what future they might have once hoped for.”

He was inspired to write the song after visiting Syrian refugee camps on the Turkish borders.

“The song is a small effort to try to take people’s attention away from the crime of reductionism, where human lives become numbers and statistics, and refocus on the plight of a single young soul who never had a chance to live and play in his own home,” Yusuf said.

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