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Israeli settlers steal Bethlehem villages water supply

Gaza is in urgent need for affordable water supplies to keep up with the needs.
Palestinian woman collecting water [File photo]

Palestinian residents in the villages surrounding Bethlehem are suffering from a shortage of water as their supply is stolen by illegal settlers living in the area, QudsNet reported yesterday.

Head of Al-Rashaydeh Village Council Fawwaz Rashaydeh said the shortage was caused by the use of settlers in the nearby settlements.

Adding that priority is given to the settlements and Israeli factories and not Palestinian communities.

“At night, the Israeli settlers close the water  supply to the two villages [Al-Rashaydeh and Rawa’en].”

The head of the village council called for the responsible bodies to solve the problem of the two villages, reiterating this is the most important issue for the villages who depend on livestock for their income.

He noted that there are 20,000 sheep and 500 camels in both villages.

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