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Iraqi parliament speaker sues defence minister for defamation

Salim al-Jabouri, Iraq's parliamentary speaker [file photo]
Salim al-Jabouri, Iraq's parliamentary speaker [file photo]

Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Salim Al-Jubouri, yesterday filed a lawsuit against the country’s Defence Minister, Khaled Al-Obeidi, accusing him of defamation, his office said.

“The parliament speaker filed a lawsuit at the Court of Al-Karkh against Defence Minister Al-Obeidi,” Al-Jubouri’s media office said in a statement.

The move comes after Al-Obeidi publicly accused Al-Jubouri and several other ministers of corruption.

According to the statement, Al-Jubouri’s lawsuit intends to counter “false allegations” made by Al-Obeidi “that have misled public opinion and insulted sovereign state institutions”.

“Al-Jubouri strongly believes in the Iraqi judiciary’s ability to get to the truth of the matter and punish the guilty,” it added.

“The Iraqi public has the right to know the truth behind Al-Obeidi’s false claims, which affect the state’s most important institution.”

The Supreme Judicial Council has formed a committee to investigate Al-Obeidi’s allegations.

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