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Israel has killed 60 Palestinians, including 16 children, since January

File photo of Israeli forces with in the Al-Aqsa compound
File photo of Israeli forces with in the Al-Aqsa compound

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said on Friday that the Israeli occupation authorities have killed 60 Palestinians across the occupied Palestinian territories since the start of 2016. Of the 60 killed, 16 were children. Dozens more have been arrested, especially in occupied Jerusalem.

In addition, the OCHA report showed that Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes and other structures has increased sharply this year. During the last week of July, for example, OCHA recorded 20 demolitions in Qalandia village in East Jerusalem, 15 of which were carried out on one day, 26 July. “This brings the number of Palestinian-owned structures demolished in East Jerusalem since the beginning of 2016 to 114, an over 40 per cent increase compared to the whole of 2015,” the report said.

Meanwhile, OCHA noted that the Israeli occupation forces assassinated a Palestinian during “a search and arrest operation” that targeted him in the village of Surif in the West Bank city of Hebron. The Israelis, it is reported, “used shelling and bulldozers to destroy a three-story building where the man was hiding, displacing three families of eight people, including three children.”

Another five Palestinians, including two children, were injured during the incident and six Palestinians, including one woman, were arrested, added OCHA. The man who was killed was suspected of attacking a settler family last month, killing one member and wounding others.

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  • Vinegar Hill

    Yet another example of the savagery of the forces of one of the most immoral militaries in the world. The country that produces the forces which commits these brutal killings is called: Israel.

    • heb macman

      Yah think?!… Could it be perhaps that these 60 so called “Palestinians” had something to do with their own deaths?!… Such as perhaps carrying a knife and trying to kill Israelis?!…

      This article is less then “the whole truth”… Take for example the story about the attempted arrest of a murderer… He wasn’t “hiding” in the building… He used it as a fire base… He was shooting at the soldiers… Actions have consequences…

      • Gary Lawrence

        I don’t believe the soldiers I saw in photographs as a kid would ever condone what we have seen from the IDF. A grown man, WEARING A MASK, wrestling down a little boy. The shock and horror they endure is a shameful reflection of the so-called Quartets, not so great insight into what is going on, on the ground.

        In world polls, Israel is 2nd only to the United States as the greatest threat to peace. The “threats”, such as North Korea and Iran, warmongers according to Washington slightly move the needle as threats in world polls. What kind of military tortures children? The answer is a military that has no self-respect. A military with genocide as a mindset.

        • heb macman

          Some genocide… The population of the so called “Palestinians” only increases… The total casualties (including Israelis) of the Arab/”Palestinian”/Israel conflict from day one to date is significantly LESS then the total casualties of the Lebanese Civil War let alone the casualties of the current tragedy in Syria…

          Once again, what you think is reality and what reality is are not the same thing… But then again, you obviously don’t care about facts… You have an agenda and you cherry pick your “facts”…

          • Gary Lawrence

            The nations of the world have shown that in their minds,”MIGHT MAKES RIGHT”, with its inability to punish Israel,in any manner at all. The insight by North Korea has proven right. They are 2nd to Israel in human rights abuses and have successfully developed the bomb and soon the ability to reach us in the United States.


            The Palestinians don’t even have weapons to defend themselves. A slaughter is very accurate description of the IDF and OPERATION Protective Edge.NORTH KOREA CREEPS CLOSER AND CLOSER AND NETANYAHU KILLS MORE AND MORE.
            Democrats can’t even use the word occupation. AIPAC is so powerful,
            most candidates shudder at what their support or lack of can mean to
            their future.

          • heb macman

            I wonder what you’re smoking and/or drinking?!… Have you actually been there?!… None of what you seem to believe is true is anywhere near being true…

            Oh, and if the so called “Palestinians” don’t have weapons, maybe they should reconsider attacking Israel?!…

            But then again, you’re suggesting that Israel controls the US which makes you an antisemite… Which means you couldn’t care less about the real facts… In fact, you couldn’t care less about the so called “Palestinians” either… They’re just cannon fodder for you hurl at them damn pesky uppity Joos!…

            With friends like you, the so called “Palestinians” don’t need any enemies…

          • Gary Lawrence

            Your comments suggest you are the insider with more truth than meets the eye, yet you slide off towards attacking the messenger with each new line. The truth is you don’t know me and you don’t counter what I say with credible evidence. The sad, sad truth is I’ve researched my facts and you would rather discount BDS, Black lives Matter, and anyone else including the authors of this article. Stop wasting my time with you rubbish.

          • heb macman

            Your FACTS?!… ROTFLMAO… You already indicated that you believe Israel runs the US… That makes you an antisemite…

            As for BDS – a highly biased source on the record as wanting to see Israel extinguished…

            As for BLM – at best a bunch of mislead “useful idiots”, at worst a bunch of racists…

            As for the authors of this article, you don’t see how they might be biased?!… The thing is that these deaths are due to people attacking Israelis… By leaving that tidbit out of their report they’re creating a false narrative… Which idiots like you lap up with relish…

          • Gary Lawrence


          • heb macman

            Sorry, this one proud uppity Jew isn’t going to go away any time soon (unless He has other plans)…

            I’m certainly NOT going to go away to please a POS antisemite like yourself!…

            And, I’m actually quite enjoying the fact that, to you, I’m a PITA!…

      • Gary Lawrence

        I salute the courage of the Palestinian people and their resistance. Israel has sent out a shoot to kill policy. No need to worry about extra-judicial killings. The IDF now has the backing to commit war crimes. They always have had a free pass. Consider the last incident caught on tape. The soldier not only killed a neutralized Palestinian, he said before the killing that the suspect deserved to die. Intent and it could be argued the plan of everyone there was to let him die before they checked his need for medical attention.What is much worse is John Kerry, who has been told to look into Leahy Law over several incidents concerning Israel, maintains the innocence of Israel with his silence and lack of action.

        • heb macman

          What you think is reality and what reality is are not the same thing… If Israel had a “shoot to kill” policy there would be tens of dead so called “Palestinians” each and every day of the week…

          Even the example you provide proves you wrong… That soldier is now on trial and the country was in an uproar following the event…

          But then again, you obviously don’t care about facts… You have an agenda and you cherry pick your “facts”…

  • Gary Lawrence

    Such cowards are the IDF soldiers. I will never forget that picture
    of a grown IDF soldier wrestling down a small child with his face
    under a mask. And Hillary Clinton gives praise to Israel. She is
    sick in the head, just as I’ve said. She is morally sick and putting
    a two faced liars face on the face of America.
    We all can take some solus, in the fact, that time will not make
    Netanyahu innocent of the war crimes, nor these cowards (IDF). Justice is going to catch up, even with the soldiers, whose faces they try, so hard, to hide. I can see the Israeli soldiers as Morlocks, from H G Wells, The Time Machine. And the Proud Palestinians, PROTESTING AND FIGHTING BACK, with nothing that can really hurt Israel, except the conscious awakening of world opinion. The UN has officially ACKNOWLEDGED THE RIGHT OF PALESTINIANS TO RESIST. It’s so sad that they must pay with their lives just for protesting or describing Israels heinous crimes gainst them. They live in an open air prison where Israel controls even their daily calories and whether they live behind bars or walls.

    ISRAEL MONITORS PEOPLES COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK AGAINST ISRAEL. WHEN WILL THEY START TARGETING PEOPLE WORLD WIDE. DON’T FORGET PRISONER X. Prisoner X was being held under administrative detention. They weren’t going to tell anyone about him. And we will never know if he woke up and Israhell or just couldn’t be trusted.

  • Gary Lawrence

    Isreal is an apartheid state, freedom of speech/expression is
    becoming and illusion even in Israel itself, it builds big walls to
    keep humans in a cage, hides their atrocities outside of that cage
    and slowly starves the indiginous Palestinians, and it bribes America
    to suck their citizens wealth out of their pockets to fund a killing
    machine that tortures children.
    Netanyahu likes to remind everyone that the Palestinians want to
    destroy Israel, yet he has built a FAKE city just like GAZA, even
    with mosques. Israel has this fake city for the sole purpose of
    training IDF soldiers how to kill Palestinians where they live and
    So powerful is AIPAC’s control of our media that soldiers invading
    the streets of Palestinians are seen if they belong there and teens
    with nothing more than stones should be mortally wounded or crippled
    for life without action from the UN,international community, or even
    the United States.(Remember TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY)