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If Israel wants to be treated like a normal state, it should act like one

Israel claims to be a Western-style “democratic” state but only certain inhabitants of the land it has controlled since 1967 - basically all of historic Palestine - have a right to vote in its elections
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Israel is not a normal state, but has craved to be treated as such ever since its creation in historic Palestine, against the will of the indigenous Palestinian people, in 1948. It sometimes claims its legitimacy from the UN partition plan, the terms of which bear no resemblance to the area currently controlled by the state; at other times Israelis refer to Biblical connections, which they claim to extend over the whole of Palestine. Exceptionally, proponents of Israel claim that only the followers of Judaism and no other faith are entitled to a state or homeland in the land of their choosing, regardless of who inhabited that land when they claimed it.

To this day, Israel remains a state without declared borders; it is the illegal occupier of another people’s land, whose rights under occupation it has flouted for the past 49 years. Israel claims to be a Western-style “democratic” state but only certain inhabitants of the land it has controlled since 1967 – basically all of historic Palestine – have a right to vote in its elections. It claims to want peace based on a two-state solution but has been implementing policies to ensure that there will only ever be one state, Israel, the borders of which are those of historic Palestine, and where people are defined by a sophisticated system of identity cards, driving cars with differently coloured number plates. It operates different laws for different people; civil law for Israelis but military law for Palestinians in the occupied territories. The law applied to Israeli citizens discriminates between Jews and non-Jews. This discrimination extends to land purchase, which gives Jews rights over non-Jews.

So Israel is clearly not a normal state, because a normal state does not build homes and towns for one ethnic group, to the exclusion of others. Israel does this by building illegally Jewish-only settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Further, in some towns within its nominal border, it allows “admissions committees” to decide whether residents will allow other citizens to live there; it is usually Jewish citizens who make these decisions and non-Jewish citizens who are excluded.

A normal state does not regularly demolish the homes of the people it occupies, or evict their occupants so that it can move its ethnically-chosen citizens into them. Israel does this.

A normal state does not besiege an occupied area for over ten years. Israel has done this with Gaza, the most densely populated place on earth. It controls the entry and exit of goods and people. A normal state does not does not then attack the people living under siege repeatedly with the most destructive weapons on earth, short of nuclear warheads. Israel does.

A normal state does not repeatedly attack neighbouring states with impunity. Israel has done this to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

A normal state does not exist in one continent but play its sport in another. Israel does; it is in Asia but plays football in Europe.

A normal state does not violate agreements it signs, as Israel has done with the Oslo agreement and repeated ceasefire agreements with the Palestinians in Gaza.

A normal state does not carry out extrajudicial killings against the people living under its military occupation. Again, Israel does this with impunity.

A normal state does not treat children in the territory it occupies with the cruelty that Israel displays; it abducts children in the night and takes them before military courts in shackles.

The list of abnormal acts that Israel carries out is endless and developing on an almost daily basis. It is therefore hypocritical of it and its leaders to claim that it should be treated as a normal state.

This expectation was tested recently in incidents at the Rio Olympic Games involving the Lebanese team and an Egyptian judo player. The games had not even started when what turned out to be a misguided decision by the organisers became a major incident as teams were making their way to the Maracanã Stadium for the opening ceremony. In this now well-documented incident the Lebanese team refused to share a bus with their Israeli counterparts. Israel saw this as discrimination. “How could they let something like this happen on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremony?” complained one Israeli official. “Isn’t this contrary to what the Olympics stand for? … I’m in shock from the incident.” Those not familiar with the Arab-Israeli conflict would see no problem in any two teams from either end of the globe, let alone neighbours, sharing a bus.

However, this almost paled into insignificance compared to the now famous shunning by Egyptian Judoka Islam El-Shehabi of the extended hand of his Israeli opponent Or Sasson, after his defeat in the qualifying rounds of the 100 kg competition. El-Shehabi himself, who had come under pressure at home not to compete, said: “I have no problem with Jewish people or any other religions or different beliefs but for personal reasons you can’t ask me to shake the hand of anyone from this state, especially in front of the world.” Although the Egyptian’s appearance for the bout was seen as progress by many, this was not the official line. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said El-Shehabi’s action was “contrary to the rules of fair play” and against the spirit of friendship exemplified by the games. He was reprimanded by the IOC and sent home by his team.

However, a normal state would not withhold the Olympic kit of the representatives of the people it occupies and ban their officials from travel, as Israel did. Furthermore, it would not restrict the movement of its sporting teams both within the occupied territories and to the outside world. Israel does this all the time. Its soldiers recently fired tear gas into a stadium where a Palestinian football match was taking place.

Away from the sporting arena, Israel claims that it faces discrimination in many ways, particularly from UN bodies. It insists that the UN Human Rights Council singles it out for special and disproportionate treatment. However, which other state violates so many aspects of international law and international humanitarian law, and has done so since its creation? The answer is simple: not one.

Israel is currently facing a campaign by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which was called for by Palestinian civil society to place pressure on the state to behave in a “normal” way by adhering to international law. The BDS campaign was launched because of the failure of the international community to pressure Israel to conform to “normal” behaviour. Its call for an end to the occupation, equal rights for all citizens and the right of return for Palestinian refugees is peaceful, legal and highly moral. However, Israel has once again cried wolf and claims that BDS is not only discriminatory but also “anti-Semitic” because it targets “the only Jewish state” in the world. The fact is that there would be no need for a BDS movement if Israel behaved like a “normal” state.

Hence, if Israel really does want to be treated like a normal state it must first behave like one. It is currently so far away from such a designation that it merits being seen as the pariah, the rogue state that it is. Its leaders choose this status by their decisions to act in the ways that it does, not its critics. Israel should begin the process of change or risk further isolation and condemnation as even its most loyal allies begin to see what an embarrassment it is to them.

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  • Vinegar Hill

    Nicely put Prof. Hawwash !! Nothing like calling a a spade a spade !!

  • Enrique Martinez

    Victimas del adoctrinamiento, “primero Judíos, después seres humanos”!

  • Blake

    It could never be a ‘normal state’.

  • Ray

    Shame on the rest of the world for not standing up to Israel, they manipulate everything they can get into, even if its true and against them., they always twist and turn, have you heard the saying, “Speak with forked tongues” they do this all over the world and lobbyists in every country.
    Abomination on true humanists they are.

    • Andre Birnbaum

      see how much energy you use for something that just make us stronger . thank you for reminding me why we can not live anywhere else but Israel.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The title is funny! It is like saying why can’t the rapist act like a normal person? Well, because he is not a normal person and the European entity on Arab land is an abnormal terrorist state erected with the intention to cause havoc among Arab nations. This entity needs to be excised and totally removed from the Arab region. The European foreigners belong on their European soil.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Assuming the European entity were to act like a civilized nation, still, it is a foreign entity and will never be accepted by the people of the region. The notion of a European people erecting their European state on Arab soil was totally wrong to begin with. That wrong can only be corrected by the total removal of the fake state and the sending on a one-way ticket of the foreigners now squatting on the land of Palestine.

    • Fasdunkle

      Don’t forget the Turks squatting in Anatolia.

    • Spanish Patriot

      Your hateful, racist comment can be summed up in two words: “heil Hitler!”.

      • Helen4Yemen

        Show me?
        The European Ashkenazi are just like the French in Algeria, the British in Yemen and the Italians in Libya. Aren’t the European Ashkenazis just as
        European as the French, the British and the Italians?

        Jabotinsky — My readers have a general idea of the history of colonization in other countries. I suggest that they consider all the precedents with which they are acquainted, and see whether there is one solitary instance of any colonization being carried on with the consent of the native population. There is no such precedent. The native populations, civilised or uncivilised, have always stubbornly resisted the colonists, irrespective of whether they were civilised or savage. And it made no difference whatever whether the colonists behaved decently or not.

    • Andre Birnbaum

      Helen ,you must be a funny person , first a fact,over 70% of the Israelis that came back to Israel came from africa and asia but many of those who came back from Europe are looking the same . second , why do you think that what ever you will do will change something??? do you think that 2-3 millions of israelis will move to Europe??just because you say so??? well my dear, the only outcome of all this , is that if 20 years ago the left and the right wings in Israel were more or less the same percent of the Knesset , today , it look like only a trd is from the left , what means ,that more israelis are not supporting any arab Palestinian state , and specialy not in the west to the Jordan river .

  • Fasdunkle

    “Exceptionally, proponents of Israel claim that only the followers of Judaism and no other faith are entitled to a state or homeland in the land of their choosing, regardless of who inhabited that land when they claimed it”

    That is nonsense

    • James Mendelsohn

      The whole article is nonsense.

      • Matt The Golem

        Agree. It confused me. Is Palestinian an ethnicity or a nationality or a ‘people’?

  • Larry Saltzman

    An excellent summery of everything that is wrong with Israel.; Israel screams about being delegitimize, but as this article points out, it has done so much evil that it has no legitimacy as a country. The only fair thing to do now is to dissolve the Zionist, apartheid state and move to a single state solution with full civil rights for all. The apartheid, ethnic cleansing and genocidal acts by Israel must be ended.

    • Helen4Yemen

      Why should Europeans be allowed to stay on the land they stole?
      What prevents the European Ashkenazis from going home back to Europe?

      • Larry Saltzman

        I think if the single state solution is implemented many Jews of European origin will leave. Perhaps the best of them will stay and integrate with Palestinians. Also there is a large population of Arab Jews who are not from Europe. They came from Iraq, Syria and other countries. How they integrate will be a problem as they are often the most right wing of all and ironically were mistreated by the European Zionists.

        • Helen4Yemen

          They will never be accepted if they arrived wrapped in solid gold. Their good riddance is what is desperately sought.
          Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei:

          “The great powers have dominated the destiny of the Islamic countries for years and… installed the Zionist cancerous tumour in the heart of the Islamic world. Many of the problems facing the Muslim world are due to the existence of the Zionist regime.”

          • Andre Birnbaum

            again ,you mast be joking. Israel is the cause of many problems that the Muslim world is facing ,??!! maybe because we dont let them kill us , at least we dont help them do that as they do that among themselves . in yemen , in iraq, in syria, un egypt , in tunisia , in sudan . have u stop for a moment and think why israel is deferent??? even we have many opinions , we have israeli arabs we have druze and christians ,we live mostly in harmony some radicals are everywhere. till today i dont see israeli arabs emigrate and i dont believe i will because in all the arab countries the wont feel as free as they are here ,so do me a favor, think!!!!

          • Helen4Yemen

            Jabotinsky __ My readers have a general idea of the history of colonization in other countries. I suggest that they consider all the precedents with which they are acquainted, and see whether there is one solitary instance of any colonization being carried on with the consent of the native population. There is no such precedent. The native populations, civilised or uncivilised, have always stubbornly resisted the colonists, irrespective of whether they were civilised or savage. And it made no difference whatever whether the colonists behaved decently or not.

          • Andre Birnbaum

            this is were u r wrong , Israel was and can be a local empire any moment it will like , taking Surya and Lebanon will be a peace of cake , specially when those country’s are so divided by so many tribes and religious , Israel is not interested to concur other peoples , but as far as the Palestinians so call they will have to understand quickly and as soon that,we r with our back to the sea , what means that we will be so cruel if we get to the edge of real survival risk that will bring them back centeries , remember again , we are smarter , we are stronger , and we are determined to stay .

          • Helen4Yemen

            Please learn better English – until then – stop commenting in broken – hard to understand English.

          • Andre Birnbaum

            what is the important part again is that you got what i wanted you to get , about the english that s a poor excuse.

          • Helen4Yemen

            Are the Yiddish people in Palestine foreign Europeans colonizing a land of people of color? Here is a test for the European Jews. Look in the mirror, who is staring back? Don’t be shy. Just answer the question —

            a) Chinese
            b) M/E
            c) European
            d) African
            e) Japanese

            What is your answer?

          • Andre Birnbaum

            might be a clever question because i dont understand it , but what is the important part is that you do 🙂

          • Andre Birnbaum

            remind me , we were few years in the us , my daughters went to a public school , and when we had to answer question i was surprised by one , are you Asian , African,Caucasian,native american, well as the majority of their ancestors are African , we told them that we are Africans , it was so funny to see their faces

          • Helen4Yemen

            Where are the French who colonized Algeria? Gone!

            Where are the Italians who colonized Libya? Gone!

            Where are the British who colonized Egypt? Gone!

            Isn’t the European Jew just as European as the French, the British, the Italians?

            Decolonize Palestine for the sake of world peace!

          • Andre Birnbaum

            french italian and british are gone???!!! you read what you write???and were is libya now?? algiria?? egypt??? syria??? as i told you kids need sometime adults to keep an eye on them when the adult is not there …..

          • Andre Birnbaum

            if i tell you you wont believe, i have 3 daughters one resemble my father family from Belgium , one resemble my wives family that are original Israelis who never left Israel from king Davids time and the young one look like my mother who came from Morocco ,btw ,my fathers family are looking like Asians with high cheek bowns and narrow eyes

          • Helen4Yemen

            You hate your European features,don’t you?
            There is no “Israel“. It is a fictional hocus-pocus biblical fable.
            If the Jews originate in Palestine or Morocco, they are indeed Arab Jews.

            Get this: Arab Jews are the brothers and sisters of the Arab people but only coreligioists of Ashkenazi Jews. Arabs Jews lived in peace and harmony with their Arab brothers and sisters while European Jews were hated for centuries. Arab Jews were brought to Palestine by the white Jews as cheap labor to replace the 900 Palestinians that the Europeans ethnically cleansed from their land. The arrival of the foreign non-Semitic Ashkenazi Jews from Europe to Arab Palestine disturbed the peaceful coexistence of all Arabs.

          • Andre Birnbaum

            i totaly agree ,all the Arabs came from the Jewish nation Arabia is following the ibriya the Arabic ltrs are the same (almost ) of the Hebrew one ,so many words are commune so i dont argue with you for a moment but as Arabia or ibriya see how they kill one the other , my dear the Arabs took the Judaism as a model same like the Christians , but their problem is that their religion is based on hate and with this i personally dont have any problem because the hate doesnt let the to progress and that is why we defeated army’s 20-30 time larger than ours, they live in the 10th centery and behave like children in the kid garden . i had many Arabs working for me and all of them told me that the Jewish are soft to soft . but what they forgot is that we can be tough when needed.about the ashkenaz or sefaradim you can see another post of mine , u r way behind the history lesson

          • Helen4Yemen

            Your English is very poor and hard to understand. Please comment in the language that you know better.

          • Andre Birnbaum

            “disturbed the peaceful coexistence of all Arabs” , you mean that they kill each other because of the ashkenaz hahaha that you have to agree is stupid.

          • Helen4Yemen

            Learn better English and then you can comment –until then – stop!

          • Andre Birnbaum

            did i spell stupid with a mistake?

          • Ken Kelso

            9,000 Photographs from 1800′s Palestine / Israel – with no trace of ‘Palestinians’
            NOV 22, 2014

            Where ARE all those Palestinians, the proclaimed one million of them who lived in Israel before they were ‘displaced’? Nowhere.

            Nowhere, because they never existed. And where are all the mosques for those “over 1 million Palestinians” who are suppose to have lived there already in the early 1800′s like “Palestinians” claim? If they had been 1 million at the turn of the Century, or even in 1920 after they began immigrating to fight the British, with their rapid population growth Palestine would consist of over 40 million people today and not 4 million. That alone proves the jihad lies. Their population is small because they are new invaders and occupiers who arrived late with an aim to commit jihad. They never lost land that was never theirs to begin with!

            The British army permitted merely a few Ottomans to remain due to religious observations, the rest was Jewish. In reality according to eyewitness reports the barren British Mandate had a very small number of people living on it. Félix Bonfils (1831-1885) was a French photographer and writer who was active in the Middle East. Four years after his arrival he reported 15,000 prints of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Greece, and 9,000 stereoscopic-views. He traveled to the region several times and we hear of no mass population of Palestinians, which contradicts everything the Palestinians lie about to the world.

            His pictures did not manage to capture any photographs of a single so-called ‘Palestinian’ who are suppose to have lost land to Jewish occupation, if we believe Arab propaganda. All he found was a few bedouines passing through and some remnants of the Ottoman Turks. Guess why? Because the “Palestinian” people as we know them today never existed.

            The original philistines which the Arab jihadi’s named themselves after were a small group of lawless bandits who occupied the region near Gaza by force and died out before the birth of Christ. Islam was created over 600 years after the death of Christ and is the world’s youngest religion.

            Palestinians are a fake creation ordered and constructed by the Grand Mufti Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini [1889-1974]. They were basically discovered (formed and invented) and originate from mass immigration from Egypt and Saudi Arabia with purpose to commit jihad. The Egyptian fighters ended up in Gaza and the Saudi fighters ended up in the West Bank according to their rout of entry. This has been well documented by British government reports from Transjordan. It also fits the video clips and rants by Hamas leaders, who seem well aware that Palestinians are fake yet continue to argue that they ‘lost land’. We are dealing with a terrorist organization here, and not a people who became victims of loss of land.

            It is also important to pay attention to the fact that once Israel had been assigned to be returned to the Jewish people in 1917, Muslims rapidly began to pour into the region from other countries with a purpose to kill them. The first conflict and killing in Israel/Palestine was initiated by the Muslims. At that point to control the population influx the British government stopped Jewish people from entering the area. So for a short span, the Muslim population suddenly became a majority. Not for natural reasons but due to their rapid invasion and occupation. Therefore, if we look at timeline of events in history we will quite easily see that the REAL occupiers of the region are the Muslims.

          • Larry Saltzman

            Last time I looked Iranian leaders do not speak for the Palestinian people, but the statement by Khamenei is factually correct.

          • Andre Birnbaum

            when was the last time you went to an optometrist???
            saltzman, are you jewish??

          • Ken Kelso

            Jailed Iranian Ayatollah Calls Regime ‘Worse and More Evil than ISIS or the Taliban’
            Nov 11, 2014 • By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ

            Ayatollah Seyed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi has been imprisoned in his native land since 2006. In a statement on November 7, he announced a hunger strike from his cell in Tehran’s Evin House of Detention, notorious for the political and spiritual dissidents held and abused there.

            Boroujerdi’s meditations appeared on the occasion of Ashura, which recalls the murder in the 7th century of Imam Hussein, grandson of Muhammad and an opponent of the reigning Islamic caliphate, at the Battle of Karbala in Iraq. Ashura and the remembrance of Karbala–a time for mourning rather than a holiday–are especially prominent in Shia Islam.

            Ayatollah Boroujerdi took the occasion this year to describe the Iranian state as “worse and more evil than Daesh [the Arabic name for the Islamic State] and the Taliban.” He warned that the Khomeinist doctrine of “guardianship by the jurisprudent” or velayet-e faqih, i.e. clerical command in politics, had handed over Iran’s wealth to “authoritarian Pharaonic rulers” in Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and among the Palestinians. The incarcerated ayatollah compared the atrocities of the caliphate in killing Imam Hussein and his followers at Karbala more than 1,330 years ago with Khomeinism, and pledged “aggressive” opposition to the dominant Iranian ideology.

            The captive cleric equated the traditional Shiite narration of the tragedy of Karbala forcefully with “enumeration of the crimes of political Islam . . . inflicted on the freedom-loving people.” In addition, he described the methods of Tehran as “demoniac and brutal.” In committing himself to a hunger strike, he called for “liberation of my compatriots from the harassment of God-mongering clergy.”

            In a commentary dated November 6, Boroujerdi indicted the heads of the Iranian dictatorship on the application of death penalties for religious interpretations contrary to state dogma. When he was arrested in 2006, he was sentenced to execution, but the judgment was reduced to 11 years imprisonment. In his inquiry regarding capital punishment for intellectual differences, he wrote, “Under the auspices of a tyrannical regime, one cannot expect anything but distress, sorrow and grief—was the oppressed Iranian nation granted anything else other than this during the past thirty-five years?”

            He continued, “In the name of Islam [the official Iranian clerics] interfere in the affairs of all countries. . . . They speak about the Palestinian children, while Iranians of all ages draw their last breath because of the pressures they experience; the ruling regime, which claims to be Islamic, allows itself under such a label to send troops to any region it wishes, and to spend the limitless and extensive wealth of the looted people on the digging of trenches, and exporting the revolution. . . . I ask all the intellectuals in the world if it is a crime to interpret a religion in a way which is different from the interpretation offered by political Islam. . . . Is there repression in any part of the world similar to what can be seen in our land? The headstrong and complacent judge tells me, ‘either you adopt the religion of the Islamic revolution, or you will be killed.’ ”

            Ayatollah Boroujerdi has long been known for his sharp challenges to the Iranian overlords and advocacy for separation of religion from the state. His principles accord with the precedents of Shia Islam, whose clerics refrained from involvement in politics before the Khomeini revolution of 1979.

            Interviewed in 2009, Ayatollah Boroujerdi described terrorism and its association with Tehran as follows: “The terrorist doesn’t understand logic. . . . Unfortunately, the Iranian government has supported terroristic actions in the world, especially in the Middle East overtly, secretly and multilaterally.” At the same time, he addressed a topic seldom mentioned in discussions of Iranian intrigues: that Shiism permits taqiyya or dissimulation—concealment of one’s real opinions—if an individual is threatened. He said, “I don’t believe in the unreal promises of the leaders and authorities of the Iranian government. . . . I know them only as a political tactic for the purpose of deceiving the world.” He accused the Iranian clerics of employing the concept of taqiyya to justify “hypocrisy, lying, trickery and imposture.” But if the Iranian leaders use taqiyya in politics, what must the world think about their promises of sincerity in nuclear negotiations?

            A document by Ayatollah Boroujerdi released in October, on the the anniversary of his 2006 arrest, asked how Tehran could “condemn and declare jihad against armed radical groups [i.e. ISIS and the Taliban] who are slaughtering and spreading violence and terror in the name of the Prophet’s caliphate, but forget about those [in Iran] who are nourishing terrorists in neighboring countries.”

            Referring to the Iranian authorities as “fascistic,” he wrote, “the outcome of thirty five years of the ruling Islamic Republic in Iran has been that of censorship of the media, disappearance of freedom of thought, development of large prisons, rejection of intellectuals, and the oppression of religious opinions. . . . The only thing that remains in our looted country is the war machine.”

            In July of this year, Ayatollah Boroujerdi was threatened in Evin prison, in his own recounting, by Mohammad Movahedi, a former prosecutor for Iran’s Special Clerical Tribunal, and now a judge. Movahedi told Boroujerdi, reportedly, that if he did not go on national television to apologize to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, he would be moved to solitary confinement under the control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and “eliminated.”

            According to the followers of Ayatollah Boroujerdi outside Iran, the nonconforming man of faith was transferred from the Evin lockup to an unknown place at the beginning of October. The official action came after Boroujerdi addressed a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, dated September 22, in which he asked, “[R]espected members of this assembly; as you are gathered together please hear the cries of the Iranian people. . . . Do you not see that Iran is ruled by tyranny?”

            Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s disciples were concerned that the move to an undisclosed location presaged his execution, but he was returned to Evin, where he declared his hunger strike. This latest protest takes place even as he suffers from a range of medical problems.

            In a 2008 “complaint” addressed to the world powers, Ayatollah Boroujerdi named Russia and China as accomplices of Tehran, specifying, “It is obvious to everyone that extensive support by Russia and China have increased the internal dictatorship in Iran.” He appealed for assistance to the pope, to Jewish intellectuals (for whom he had expressed his respect previously), and to Islamic religious leaders, concluding, “Governments on the side of the religious regime of Iran, be informed that all of you are sharing in massacre of our poor people.”

            It is shameful to imagine that the United States, which Ayatollah Boroujerdi had refrained previously from criticizing, may now be added to the tally of countries abetting the cruelties of the Iranian state, thanks to the “diplomatic” initiatives of the Obama administration. U.S. leaders should heed the voices from Evin and other Iranian prisons, rather than the deceptive manipulations conveyed by the regime’s public representatives.

        • Andre Birnbaum

          hahaha guys your not serious , my wife’s family are what we call hevronim , people who never left Israel , this family are part of the macabim , if you look for the Israeli history ,yaser arafat , the so called palestinian leader he himself is a Egyptian the majority of so called palestinians are from saudia, syria,iraq,from egypt and from sudan ,many of them were taken by force to build the railroad from egypt to turky and syria and stayed, many arabs came to israel after those ashkenazies came to the desert and build a beautiful country , people who visited israel 10-20 years before said that the country was empty .so do me a favor ,talk about something you know abowt , if you dont ill be more than happy to help

          • Larry Saltzman

            Palestinians Jews have as much right as Palestinian Christians and Muslims were legitimate inhabitants of Palestine. Zionists from Europe stole the land and are continuing to steal the little bit of Palestinian land that is left are the problem. And Palestine was a fertile populated country were Palestinians had practiced traditional agriculture for thousands of years. Israel boasts about turning the desert green, and act as if the Palestinians never existed.

          • Andre Birnbaum

            if you believe it or not , Jewish bought the land of Israel from those who stole it from them. if it was the Rothschild family or montifiori , or motseri or others, the miracle that happened to the state of Israel is that one day after the deceleration of Independence israel was attacked by 7 enemy’s army’s including local arabs., imagine yourself it wouldn’t happened , within 20 years Jewish were only 20-30 percent of Israel population.well if you dont see that as a god act in what do you believe???!!!

          • Ken Kelso

            Great article by Isi Leibler responding to Larry Salzman

            Candidly Speaking: Exposing the criminal society and the culture of death
            By ISI LEIBLER

            Ever since the Oslo Accords, successive Israeli governments have felt obliged to understate and even dismiss Palestinian terrorism and hatred in order to maintain domestic public support for policies that, with the benefit of hindsight, were doomed to fail.

            In the very early stages, Palestinian Authority president Yasser Arafat told his people that the ultimate goal was the end of Jewish sovereignty – and we dismissed such outbursts as empty words designed merely to placate his radical domestic opponents.

            But as the government falsely praised our peace partner, many Israelis deluded themselves into believing that the terrorism we faced was an extremist aberration and that the Palestinians were committed to ending the conflict on the basis of a two-state solution. Likewise, most of the world accepted at face value our repeated praise of Arafat and his successor, Mahmoud Abbas, as moderates and genuine peace partners.

            This suited the long-term Palestinian policy of destroying us in stages. They readily accepted concessions and withdrawals but without compromising one iota, and they continue to demonize us and challenge our legitimacy.

            But the worst aspect was our failure to highlight the poisonous brainwashing the PA had inflicted on its population. While Arab hostility to Jews prevailed even during the British Mandate period, it was not comparable to the culture of death and evil that today saturates every aspect of Palestinian life.

            The Palestinians have stated explicitly that their state would be Judenrein and that Jews would never be permitted to live in their ancestral home even if they were willing to accept Palestinian jurisdiction.

            Indeed, Palestinians were brutally executed when they were deemed to have sold land to a Jew.

            The PA has become a criminal society and can be compared to prewar Germany, when the Nazis transformed their population into genocidal barbarians by depicting Jews as subhuman. The Palestinians depict Jews as “the offspring of apes and pigs” and call for their extermination. This is not even done subtly but with blatant statements to this effect emanating daily from religious and political leaders and accessible from vast documentary sources compiled by Palestinian Media Watch, MEMRI and others.

            A society in which children from kindergarten are brainwashed into believing that the highest goal in Islam is to achieve martyrdom in the course of killing Jews can only be described as criminal.

            The demonization of Israel and manifestations of the culture of death are promoted without inhibition by the leadership, the mullahs in the mosques and the state-controlled media. They amount to direct incitement for individuals to strike out and kill Jews in concert or randomly. The “heroic” scenes of youngsters stabbing Jews, the praise by Abbas himself of martyrs “with holy blood” and the totally contrived religious frenzy over accusations of Israelis planning to destroy al-Aksa mosque, coalesce into a witch’s brew of primeval rage and hatred.

            The PA provides generous state salaries to terrorists apprehended by Israelis, and if they are killed, their families are remunerated – from funds provided by Western countries. Religious and political leadership at all levels sanctifies terrorists as heroes and national martyrs. City squares, schools and even football clubs are named in their honor.

            The barbarism imbibed by the Palestinians is reflected in the street celebrations that erupt spontaneously with every murder of an Israeli. Even more nauseating are the repeated displays on TV of mothers expressing pride at their children becoming martyrs, and expressing hope that their other children will follow the example.

            Under these circumstances, it is no wonder that Palestinian opinion polls reflect public support for terrorist attacks against Israel and opposition to a two-state solution. The Arafat/Abbas indoctrination process has radicalized successive generations into believing that the only solution to the conflict is the permanent termination of Jewish sovereignty in the area.

            There is irrefutable evidence of the barbaric and genocidal nature of Palestinian society. Indeed, the reality is that, despite maintaining a “moderate” stance to the outside world, internally the Palestinians and ISIS are birds of a feather – although the Palestinians are probably more corrupt.

            Alongside the turbulence in the region and the threat from Iran and ISIS, could one envisage any country agreeing to accept statehood for what will inevitably be a neighboring criminal state pledged to its destruction or a candidate for an ISIS or Iranian takeover? This would be utterly inconceivable.

            Yet most of the international community, including the United States, regards this as an issue of two nations arguing over real estate. Were that the case, the Palestinians would not have dismissed the offers by prime ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, who were willing to concede up to 97 percent of the territories formerly controlled by the Jordanians.

            Israel has been the target of repeated defamation and delegitimization yet has basically only been on the defensive, seeking to refute the lies being disseminated against it. But as Joseph Goebbels said, if one repeats a lie continuously, people begin believing it. This dictum has now been realized; many in the Western world have absorbed the distorted Palestinian narrative of Israel being an apartheid state, an occupier and a nation born in sin.

            Ironically, the weakness of our position lies in the fact that, until recently, in order to appease our allies and “protect” Israelis from being confronted with the stark reality, we deliberately held back from telling the truth and failed to highlight the barbaric and criminal nature of our purported peace partner.

            Had we mounted campaigns at the outset, exposing the horrors perpetrated by our neighbors, it may not have influenced anti-Semites and the delusional Left but it would have made a significant impact on the open-minded.

            But even now, belatedly exposing the barbarity of our neighbors should be made the top priority in our foreign relations efforts rather than the endless disputes over whether the minuscule 2% of territory comprising settlements (which are not being expanded) is justified.

            The recent initiative by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman to establish relations with independent Palestinians, aside from not having cabinet approval, is bound to fail because any Palestinian engaged in such negotiations will immediately be assassinated.

            Pressure must be exerted to encourage rank-and-file Palestinians that their best interests will be served when they appoint leaders who genuinely support the peace process. Alas, for the time being, that is not even on the horizon.

            Today, we must move forward and promote a focused effort to document and expose the evil nature of Palestinian society, which will make it far more difficult and embarrassing for the Americans and Europeans to continue pressuring Israel to accept the creation of what will invariably be a criminal state – particularly in the context of the mayhem prevailing in the region and the terrorist threats now impacting the heartland of Europe.

        • Andre Birnbaum

          big mistake!!! the israelis are a mix no more Ashkenazim and mizrahis in my family (very lrg family with the god help) there are members from Russia , Belgium, Poland, Hungarians, Czechs,nederlands and germany , as from iran yemen syria egypt libia from turky and from iraq ,my mother from morocco my father from belgium
          ,if you still live with this seperation my friend you must be very old . by the way as my mother in low and my mother are from arab countries my childrens knows that they are part of arabs hahaha. grow up the world is one and so israel and we r here to stay!!!! dont advice to test us again it might hurt.

        • Andre Birnbaum

          mr saltzman , you are funny , if the world is on the track it look it is , sooner or ltr the majority of the world Jews will make aliya , first signs we can see the last year and as i know my people the numbers will increase and than we might face another problem , when some people will come some will have to leave . and if the israeli arabs wont understand that been an israeli arab is an advatage they will be welcome to leave. by the way, the original citizens of europe and america that have to worry from this changes.

      • Andre Birnbaum

        and the Jewish from Iraq , Syria , Egypt , libia, Algeria, morocco Yemen, if those countrys will have to pay back the fortunes they stole from the rich Jews that emigrate to Israel leaving all behind they will go bankrupt ( most probably they are)because ,for centuries jews were running the economies were ever they were. wht to do??!! we are doing everything btr than you. 🙂

        • Helen4Yemen

          1- Zionism was 100% about Euro-Jewry! The Arabs Jews arrived as slaves, as cheap labor for the white Jew.

          2- Out of the 850,000 Arab Jews in 1948, 475,000 still were living in their Arab counties by 1958, a decade after foreign white Yiddish Jews stole Palestine. Where is the expulsion? On the other hand, the Yiddish speaking Europeans expelled 900,000 Palestinians from their own land in a matter of a few months.

          • Andre Birnbaum

            your history level is rely disappointing. the first to be in Israel are the Jews that never left , from Jerusalem zfat and Chevron (part of them are my wives family) than the Yemenite and Iranians as the gruze curdish and buchariens from the kavkaz were the first to come many of them were among the reachest familys in israel, ltr came Jewish from europe when a large part were from spanish origin those are called sfaradim (the slaves you call), i just suggest you to see who were the majority of the Israeli fighters before and after the 1948 war who were fighting with the etzel and the lehi super terrorists who knew exactly how to hurt the arabs . , the biggest advantage of these fighters was and is that they knows the arabs btr that the know themselves those were leaded by Menahem begin who was the best Israeli prime minister, who by the way invaded lebanon and was responsible to the distraction of the Iraqi nuclear program , will remind you the mosad , the majority of them were and i believe are still from arab coutrys , and trust me they are not slaves of anyone men and women’s alike .(for slaves and human rights you can look in the Arabs coutrys till today)
            i believe u never visited israel so you realy dont know anything about this nation ,if ever you will be interested i will be happy to show you some of the history you dont know.

          • Andre Birnbaum

            you mean few days

        • Helen4Yemen

          Helen Thomas
          “But who wouldn’t fight for their country? What would any American do if their land was being taken? Remember Pearl Harbor. The Palestinian violence is to protect what little remains of Palestine. The suicide bombers act out of despair and desperation. Three generations of Palestinians have been forced out of their homes—by Israelis—and into refugee camps. And the Israelis are still bulldozing Palestinians’ homes in East Jerusalem. Remember, Menachem Begin invented terrorism as his MO—and bragged about it in his first book. That’s how Israel was created, aided and abetted by U.S. money and arms. To annex and usurp an occupied people’s country is illegal under international law. The Israelis know that, but their superior military force has always prevailed against the indigenous people.”

          • Andre Birnbaum

            guys guys guys , you think that Israel have forced the Arabs out of there homes ??!! i will ltr put some links were Syrians and Iraqis generals admit by order the Israeli Arabs to leave there homes and take nothing but the home keys as they promessed them that within few days the 7 Arab counrys armys will defeet the israelis and they will be able to come to their homes again .

          • Helen4Yemen

            Benny Morris — It is impossible to evade it. Without uprooting of the Palestinians, a Jewish state would not have arisen here…. A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population….” — Benny Morris

          • Andre Birnbaum

            that is a good reason .

          • Andre Birnbaum


          • Andre Birnbaum

            you are so right!!! that exactly the reason we fight for this country , and just because of that we r here to stay.

      • Andre Birnbaum

        maybe because they married Jewish Palestinians or Arab Jews???

      • Andre Birnbaum

        they will be arrested hahaha

    • Andre Birnbaum

      the only thing that is wrong with israel are the capo’s, mr saltzman

  • Helen4Yemen

    Justin Keating -The Zionist State Has No Right to Exist

    Justin Keating on Israel

    The Dubliner, November 2005

    I have a tree in Israel, and I once had a certificate to prove it. In about 1950 a lady from a Zionist organisation planted it for my support of the Zionist Youth Movement in Ireland. But it is all so long ago that it has probably been cut down by now, and I have lost the certificate. At the time, like many young Europeans with left-wing views, as the full horrors of Nazi genocide became known, I supported the new state. But now I have totally changed my mind.

    I have reached the conclusion that the Zionists have absolutely no right in what they call Israel, that they have built their state not beside but on top of the Palestinian people, and that there can be no peace as long as contemporary Israel retains its present form. I hasten to make clear that none of this gives me any pleasure, but in the great scheme of things my personal wishes do not weigh heavily in the scale pans of history. I wish I did not think what I do, I hope I am wrong. My conclusions are based on the answers to five questions.

    1- Did the Jews of the Old Testament come from what is now Israel? The answer is No.

    2- Are the Jews of the world today simply the descendants of the people of the Diaspora two thousand years ago? The answer is, only in part.

    3- Does the right of return apply to people who occupied some land two thousand years ago for a historically brief period, to the detriment of those who have been there since? Obviously no. Imagine a world where every people claimed that right.

    4- Did the Balfour Declaration give the Zionists the right to establish a state in Israel? The answer is no. At the time the British Government had no right to give.

    5- Did the United Nations Resolution of November 1947 give Zionists the right to establish the present state of Israel? The answer is no, and they have continuously and relentlessly violated that resolution for more than half a century, so that any tatters that now remain are void, by their action.

    I want briefly to look at each point separately. Some of what I say is taken from a book called My People by Abba Eban, who was Israeli Foreign Minister. He says the Hebrew Tribes came out of Mesopotamia. They moved from Ur in southwest Mesopotamia to Haran, in northwest Mesopotamia. It was here that Abraham was told, by the God that the Jews had invented to leave his land and kinsmen for a new country. Obedient to the divine voice, he moved into western Palestine, the land of the Canaanites. The above is loosely but accurately quoted from Eban. It follows that the Jews came from far away, that they claimed the land of Canaan because their God gave it to them, and there were Canaanites there already. Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948 states, “The Land of Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish people.” This was a self serving and untruthful Zionist myth.

    My second point is that the assumption that the Jews of the world (all of whom claim the right of return) are descendants of the Diaspora takes no account of the Kingdom of the Khazars, about whom Arthur Koestler wrote a book arguing that he and other Ashkanazi Jews were their descendents. Also, it assumes that no Jewish girl ever got pregnant (over 2,000 years) by a non-Jew, and brought the child home to her parents, and it also forgets that the converted wives or husbands who were born non-Jewish can, on conversion, claim the right of return.

    Point three: At the time of the Balfour Declaration, the Ottoman Empire, which was the ruling power in Palestine, was falling apart, but the British Government had no rights in the area. The Declaration was made to a private person, the head of the Rothschild family, and while Balfour was promising the Jews a nation home in Palestine, T.E. Lawrence was promising the same thing to Palestinian Arabs. In law and in equity it has no validity.

    Finally, when the United Nations passed its historic resolution (with Britain abstaining) it was a plan for partition. What was new and crucial was that it recognized Jewish sovereignty. The flight of the ignorant Palestinian peasants was founded on such atrocities as the massacre at Deir Yasin where Zionist terrorists filled the well with slaughtered peasants, and went to adjoining villages saying, “Look what happened over there.” In addition, there were bogus broadcasts purporting to come from Palestinian leaders, advising flight. The Jewish-Arab partnership, pleaded for so eloquently by David Ben Gurion -“based on equality and mutual assistance,” to quote his words – was from the beginning a lie which Zionist fundamentalists did not believe

    Those same fundamentalists, who are in the ascendant now, can only say, “We are here because our God gave it to us.” That is too weak for me I’m afraid.

    All of this is a huge tragedy for ordinary Zionist people, who have been led up a blind alley by fanatics. But it is more. Jews have made an immense contribution to civilization, developing as they were between the great empires of Mesopotamia and the Nile, with both of which they had intimate contact, and by which they wanted to avoid being swallowed. They developed a religion and an ethos based on independence, liberty and democracy to which we all owe a debt. That religion is based on the twin concepts of Law and Righteousness, which inspired over the millennia extraordinary contributions to culture and morality. All admirable. In Israel/Palestine, where are they now?

    Zionists have betrayed all of this, and that is a tragedy not just for Jews, but for all of us.

    • Andre Birnbaum

      the guy has a tree in israel ….once had a certificat to prove it, since , he lost his mind , im sure a sertficate that prove it can be fownd.hahaha , so much nonsense in one article …. .have to say Helen his imagination is btr than yours

  • Spanish Patriot

    Israel is a normal (albeit not perfect) state with a democratic regime, while its neighbors are all dictatorships which routinely violate human rights. You have no authority whatsoever to bash Israel. Look at your own first.

  • Andre Birnbaum

    well, as i see Israel is treated like a normal state as the understanding that israel is here to stay is a fact that less and less people argue about it . in the other side, the Arabs are treated as non normal’s , the world is so afraid of them that they treat them as kids , they treat them softly and even after the last terrorists attacks they are not blaming them directly . as long it doesnt hurt us so be it!!