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Badie: MB sticking to peaceful means to regaining democracy in Egypt

Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt Mohammed Badie yesterday reiterated the "peaceful" ways to regain democracy in the country, AlKhaleejOnline reported.

During a hearing held for him and other 738 defendants in Cairo Criminal Court, Badie was allowed to leave the iron cage in the court and address journalists.

The group have been charged with organising an armed gathering and taking part in it in Rabaa Al-Adawiya, blocking streets, premeditated murder or civilians and police officers who tried to break up the sit-in and intentionally disrupting transport links.

Badie said that the MB is "patient, it is 90 years old and its history is being taught as an example of helping people." He added that despite attacks having its offices burnt in 2013, the MB continued to offer aid to people.

Regarding Rabia, he said: "MB are victims, not aggressors. They did not kill people. Why are the killers not prosecuted or questioned?"

Badie reiterated that the MB is sticking to "peaceful" means to regain democracy in Egypt, as well as backing a "legitimate president who was legally elected and we support this legitimacy."

He also said that the Egyptian people would continue their revolution until they regain democracy.

The court case was postponed until 8 October.


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