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Turkish intervention in Syria wins US support, angers Moscow

A State Department spokesperson told reporters on Wednesday that the US supports Turkey's direct intervention in Syria, known as 'Operation Euphrates Shield'.

Turkey's ground campaign backs the Free Syrian Army and other factions of the Syrian opposition, though it targets Daesh and some pro-Kurdish militias, was launched in late August.

The State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, said that the action served Turkish national interests and therefore aligned with American military goals.

"Actions that we carry out against Daesh or ISIL in Syria is, we believe, in the national security interests of the United States and our allies and our partners, I think Turkey would also make the case, if I'm guessing, that it's also in their national security interest to protect and drive ISIL away from their border."

Yet at the same time sentiment from the Russian government continues to harden against the Turkish-led campaign, which states its unease over the fact that the 'Euphrates Shield' operation lacked authorization by the UN and did not gain permission from the Assad Regime.

Turkish and Russian relations have been stained throughout the war in Syria as Moscow supports the regime while Ankara opposes it. Moreover, hostilities between the two sides nearly flared late last year when the Turkish air force downed a Russian Jet that had entered its airspace.

Turkey, on the other hand, seems keen to stress the shared goals it has with the US, particular after President Erdogan told reporters that he and Obama had discussed a joint invasion of Raqqa, the long-time 'capital' of Daesh's so-called "caliphate".

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