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Zoubi to Aboul Gheit: Arab League contributed to deterioration of Syria

Ahmed Aboul-Gheit
Ahmed Aboul-Gheit , Secretary General of the Arab League, 2 September 2016 [Anadolu Agency]

The Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC), represented by Asa'ad Al-Zoubi, rejected the call of Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul-Gheit to establish a federal state in Syria, considering it as a call for the division of the country.

Aboul-Gheit had announced his support for the establishment of a federal system in Syria, explaining that it is the best option to save the unity of Syria and its institutions and to guarantee that all Syrians were represented, instead of the ongoing destruction and the emergence of statelets.

In a statement to The Gulf Online, Zoubi said Aboul-Gheit's remarks were unacceptable, noting that the Syrian opposition is committed to maintaining Syria's unity while rejecting federalism or confederation as it could lead to the division of Syria, according to his expression.

He added that, instead of seeking to divide Syria, Aboul-Gheit should convene an urgent meeting of the Arab League regarding Aleppo to halt the Assad regime's massacres and to talk about the need to preserve Syrian unity.

The head of the Syrian opposition delegation described the Arab League's Syrian stance as a passive action, and accused it of contributing to the deterioration of Syria's political situation.

He added that the Arab League abandoned Syria in favour of taking the UN Security Council's lead and did not hand Syria's seat at the league to the opposition, a move which he described as supporting the Syrian regime.

He also claimed that the Arab League did not support Syrians in overthrowing the regime that killed them and sold away their homeland to Iranians and Russians, according to his statement.

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