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Israel closes Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslim worshipers

Israeli occupation authorities has announced it will not allow Muslim worshipers to access the Ibrahimi Mosque in occupied Hebron for six days during the upcoming Jewish holidays, the Anadolu Agency reported yesterday.

Dates of mosque closure in October:

  • 3-4
  • 6
  • 12
  • 18-19

Head caretaker of Ibrahimi Mosque, Hifzi Abu Sneineh, said: "The Israeli authorities told us that the mosque will be closed for Muslims for six days."

Abu Sneineh said this is a "flagrant violation" of the freedom of practicing religious rituals for Muslims in an Islamic place of worship. "It is a clear provocation to the Muslims' feelings," he added.

Since 1994, when an Israeli Jew broke into the mosque, opened fire and killed dozens of Muslim worshipers, Israeli occupation authorities have divided the space, allocating 45 per cent of its area to Muslims and 55 per cent to Jews.

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