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Misrata's military council: US airstrikes in Libya 'useless'

A Bunyan Marsous (BM) commander has blasted the United States for its "useless" airstrikes in Sirte saying that if Washington had really wanted to it could have liberated Sirte within a few hours.

Ibrahim Bait, spokesman for Misrata's Military Council, said in an interview that America had the technology to end Daesh's presence in a matter of hours and not the three month long campaign it has instead engaged in. Bait insisted that warplanes launched from Misrata were more effective than US aircrafts in clearing the way for BM forces on the ground.

On Monday, the US extended its air campaign against Daesh in Sirte for another month on the request of the Presidency Council. Since August Washington has launched more than 200 strikes against the group from jets, drones and helicopters.

Bait however believes the extension is another excuse for the US to prolong the battle in Sirte and said that BM forces could have taken Sirte without Washington's assistance had the Presidency Council not insisted on the US' involved.

In recent weeks, the assault has been resumed with the BM suffering more casualties each time taking its official toll to over 550 dead and 2,500 injured. Medical sources believe the real figure to be much higher.

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