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Israel allows Palestinian villages 2 hours of water a week

Areas in the occupied West Bank have suffered from severe shortages in water supplies due to the illegal Israeli occupation, Al Jazeera reported. Every summer, Israel implements a cut in water supplies to preserve water.

This year, however, the amount of water cut in the West Bank has been unexpectedly high. In early June, Israeli water company Mekorot informed the Palestinian Water Authority that water supplies would be cut by 50 per cent. The water cuts persist today, despite the fact that summer officially ended over a month ago.

Villages all over the West Bank have been victim to the water cuts. Some in Salfit, Jenin and Hebron have endured having no access to water for as long as 40 days. Palestinians living in remote areas have been disproportionately disadvantaged. Not only is access to water harder, but delivery of the water is a lot more difficult, which makes it expensive for consumers.

While Mekorot denies it is targeting Palestinians with the water cuts, Israelis living in the illegal West Bank settlements are exempt from the effects of the water shortages. Settlements have access to extravagant gardens, parks and swimming pools, but Palestinians are forced to use water strategically as insecurity looms over them.

The lack of water has caused a significant amount of stress to West Bank residents. Clashes between Palestinian protestors and Israeli forces have also been reported as a result of the water crisis.

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