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Sisi wants change

Khaled Mokhtar's Facebook group published a video, which resulted in his arrest on 21 October and being charged two days later

October 30, 2016 at 5:51 pm

A new video circulating on social media sites mocking Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s endless calls for his people to give their loose change to the government has led to one arrest.

Al-Sisi has made calls for Egyptians to relinquish one piece of bread from each loaf and all their loose change and donate them to government coffers and fund national projects.

In the satirical video, a stealing coin cat money box has been altered replacing the cat with Al-Sisi, allowing him to grab hold of any coins placed on the tray.

Khaled Mokhtar (Facebook: @shekobekoz)

Khaled Mokhtar (Facebook: @shekobekoz)

Khaled Mokhtar, the group admin of the Facebook group Tamt Targama which published the video, was arrested on 21 October and charged two days later. He has since been released.

Tarek Khater, a lawyer of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said: “The charges against Khalid were inconsistent. This is particularly shown as the charges against him include demonstration, despite the fact that he was arrested at his house. His record does not contain any information about the demonstration or any details of him inciting one.” Mokhtar, known as Sheko, was also accused of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood group.

Local reporter Ahmad Ziada said the accusations against Khaled were all false and the real reason behind his arrest was the satirical video he posted on Facebook.