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‘Israel should be held accountable for its crimes against journalists’

Demonstrators in Gaza yesterday called for Israel to be punished for its crimes against journalists.

In a protest organised by the Committee for Supporting Palestinian Journalists outside the UN’s office in Gaza, speakers accused the Israeli occupation of carrying out violations against them, their offices and their work. They stressed the importance of holding Israel for its crimes.

A group of Palestinian journalists and politicians gathered in front of the UN office in Gaza yesterday to call for punishing Israel over its crimes against them and their profession.

“We reiterate the importance of taking the Israeli violations to international courts,” Saleh Al-Masri, head of the Support Committee, said. “We call for UNESCO, Reporters Without Borders and all other international bodies interested in freedom of expression to be involved in this process.”

Al-Masri reiterated that the Israeli occupation continues to carry out its violations against Palestinian journalists and their offices. “It still practices its violations against journalists, raiding offices and stealing broadcasting equipment.”

Other speakers called for uniting the Syndicate of Palestinian Journalists to make it “stronger and effective” when it turns to international courts.

The protest was held to mark the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists.

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