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Israeli police recommend arrest of former Netanyahu aide

Gil Sheffer
Gil Sheffer, the ex-chief of staff to Benjamin Netanyahu

The former chief of staff of the Israeli prime minister's office, Gil Sheffer, faces arrest on suspicion of sexual offences, Arabs48.com has reported. A complaint was filed against Sheffer by an Israeli singer in October; the official denied the allegations, although he was investigated by police.

Officers then turned Sheffer's file over to the Tel-Aviv District Attorney General for review of the case and a decision on whether to indict him or not. Images apparently show Benjamin Netanyahu's former aide dancing with the singer. She claims that she was "pretending" that all was normal so that he would "release" her.

"The findings of the investigation have established the evidential basis of alleged indecent offences committed by Gil Sheffer," the police have said. "No evidential foundation was established for the claim of false imprisonment."

The alleged incident took place after a farewell party for Sheffer on his completion of five years' service in the prime minister's office. The singer performed at the party and the ex-official offered to take her home as they live near each other.

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