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Arab-Israeli receives administrative detention order

Image of an Israeli detention [Henriette Johansen]
Image of an Israeli detention [Henriette Johansen]

An Arab-Israeli held in administrative detention had his six-month detention order extended for an additional three months last week by ultra-right Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli media reported yesterday.

Administrative detention is almost exclusively used against Palestinians from the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Muhammad Khaled Ibrahim, 20, is one of only two Israeli citizens held under the policy, according to Israel Prison Service (IPS) data cited in Israeli media.

Israeli news outlet Ynet reported that Ibrahim was handed a term of six months in administrative detention on 6 June 2016, which was renewed by Lieberman last week. Ibrahim is reportedly a computer technician from the village of Kabul in the Galilee region of northern Israel.

The widely condemned Israeli policy allows for a detainee to be sentenced for up to six-month renewable intervals based on undisclosed evidence.

According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, 720 Palestinians were held in administrative detention as of October, while the group also reported that 70 Arab-Israelis were being held in Israeli custody as political prisoners after being formally charged.

IPS data states that there are 534 administrative detainees currently being held in Israel.

Ynet reported that Ibrahim was detained after reportedly making “frequent visits” to Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem and for “conducting a religious way of life”.

However, since Israeli authorities are not required to disclose any evidence concerning cases of administrative detainees for alleged security reasons, the reasons behind his detention remain unclear.

Meanwhile, Attorney Mustaf Suheil told Israeli newspaper Haaretz that the order was “puzzling”, considering the Ibrahim’s age, adding that the measure was “unusually harsh” for an Israeli citizen.

According to Haaretz, the family of Ibrahim, alongside local activists, have established a popular committee to launch protests to demand his immediate release. The committee has also reportedly filed an appeal through a district court in Haifa.

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  • Gary Lawrence

    IN A HOLE THEY GO, PALESTINIANS will be TORTURED, and abused above the law, and public purview. INNOCENT PALESTINIANS that include children. BOYS and GIRLS only 12 years of age are arrested ,sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes anywhere anyplace. And recently one was,as admitted by the IDF, MURDERED or shot down mistakenly.

    These IDF SOLDIERS are criminals committing WAR CRIMES before our eyes. Our current administration or the next one will reward them with more power and ability added to the killing machine that is ISRAEL. Not only occupation but incarceration at will, without due process or explanation. INDEFINITE INCARCERATION anytime, anyplace, and any age.

    Good news, they just recently released a 12-year-old girl.

    Prisoner X was being held under administrative detention. They weren’t going to tell anyone about him. And we will never know if he woke up and Israhell or just couldn’t be trusted. By the way, he wasn’t Israeli.

    Wake up, under Netanyahu, terrorizing children, torturing them, and scaring them for life is acceptable to the Israeli population. A crack in U.S. media is still a powerful step forward. A sleeping giant is bound to be appalled by the injustice of Israel. It’s what an Apartheid State does, not what you call it. Impunity is what Democrats and Republicans offer Israel when it kills, steals, and stands as a Rogue nation.

  • Gary Lawrence

    The Democrats held a sit-in at the US Congress in protest at their liberal gun laws, so many Americans call for the tightening of gun control after every mass murder, if only they were not blinded by the media today, they would feel the need for similar outcries for a review of US military support to Israel after every crime committed against Palestinian civilians.

    The Foreign Assistance Act allows president Obama to “Substantially reduce or terminate security assistance to any government which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.”

    Impunity for Israel by the presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz is the sickest self-description of themselves, I will forever remember. It’s the blind eye of what was once, a great free press. The media is leading the American people down a blind alley when they keep one of the most powerful recruiting tools, Israel’s brutality and outright war crimes from the people of The United States. You can add the DNC and PBS both are working to keep the American public Deaf, Dumb, and Blind. Can you believe that PBS was right there at the DNC convention and never mentioned such a thing as Americans burning the Israeli flag just outside the convention?

  • Gary Lawrence

    A racial justice scholar and activist Cornel West, one of Bernie Sanders’ five appointees to the Democratic Party’s platform drafting committee, accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “war crimes” in the continued occupation of Palestinian territories. Yesh Din, Israeli legal and human rights advocacy group , reported a
    Israeli soldier has been charged and convicted of homicide after more
    than 260 investigations into Palestinian fatalities since the second
    Palestinian uprising in 2000.
    In that case a military court convicted a former sergeant of manslaughter for the 2003 shooting death of a British activist,
    Tom Hurndall, 21, who was working with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. As with Rachel Corrie, the Palestinian was murdered.
    He was a “neutralized” resistance fighter.
    Is it time to take action against Netanyahu’s Israel??? Stephen Hawking says, “anyone can answer big questions.”
    Stephen Hawking has joined BDS and will not speak in Israel. Stop a mad man, who will keep replacing those who have a conscience, with those hardliners who have war crimes, as a mind set, like himself.