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Pro-regime soldiers join opposition in Wadi Barada

Image of an Army tank belonging to the Syrian government [Abkhazian Network News Agency/Wikipedia]
Image of an army tank belonging to the Syrian government [Abkhazian Network News Agency/Wikipedia]

A group of Syrian regime soldiers deflected yesterday from their ranks and joined rebels fighting in Wadi Barada, near Damascus, media spokesman of the Free Syrian Army in the area, Abu Mohammed Al-Baradawi said.

Al-Baradawi told Gulf Online that “the Free Syrian Army forces secured the defection from the pro-regime army soldiers until they reached the opposition-held areas.”

Violent clashes erupted during the early hours of yesterday morning as the Syrian regime forces tried to advance to the village of Busujima in Wadi Barada using tanks.

The rebels managed to destroy one of the regime’s tanks and killing a group of soldiers.

Clashes and shelling against the opposition-held area of Wadi Barada continued despite a UN Security Council decision on 31 December to supports the Russian-Turkish plan for a nationwide ceasefire.

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  • virgile

    The FSA lies.. They are desperate for recognition

    • Kyle Renner

      I don’t know if they’re “lying” but it seems fairly futile at this point in the game.

      If Russia and Turkey and Iran can put an end to the blood-letting– that’s the main thing that I’d hope for…

  • Heiko Demonus

    Loool, what are stupid PR from the outlawed gunmen and criminals in that area.

  • Commando

    How can they defect to certain defeat or death. It is blue lies. Only an imbecile will believe such hogwash.

    • mehdi hasan

      Very right

  • ram2009

    Defected, if true.

  • teevee

    Hehehe the Wahhabi are desperate, huh?

  • nepali hercules

    we need some democracy in saudi arabia right now.

  • Assad cannot fall, the opposition cannot die.