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Facebook closes accounts of Palestine activists

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Facebook has closed the accounts of a number of Palestinian activists after using a hashtag lamenting a Palestinian assassinated by Israel 20 years ago, Quds Press reported yesterday.

Former female prisoner Ghofran Zamel, fiancée of Hassan Salameh who is spending several life sentences in Israeli jails, said that she was surprised to find her Facebook account was shut down yesterday.

Zamel said that when she wanted to open her accounts, a message appeared telling her that the accounts were closed but without giving any reasons. She said she sent messages to Facebook to complain.

Meanwhile, several activists reported their accounts were closed in addition to accounts managed by Hamas activists after using a hashtag which praised a Hamas fighter.

On 3 January, a bill authorising Israeli courts to block or delete social media content under the pretext of incitement passed its first hurdles in the Knesset.

Israeli TV Channel 7 said that this bill, if passed into law, would give the Israeli courts the power to shut down websites inciting against Israel and close Facebook or Twitter accounts that are considered as inciting to violence or that are provocative.

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  • Vinegar Hill

    This stinks of Israel flooding FB with complaints in order to bring about these closures. The FB accounts have been shut down because they “praised a Hamas fighter”. In other words a fighter who fought to relieve his fellow countyrmen and women from the brutalisation of Israel. How repugnant can one get? Added to this Israel praises and names universities, plazas, streets and awards military ribbons to those who kill, maime and savage the indigenous Palestinian population. This policy, followed by the rogue state of Israel, is utterly repugnant.

    • Owen Rockwell

      Wait….Palestinians don’t name universities and streets after “freedom fighters?” Oh please. Have you ever picked up a Palestinian text book lately? Nothing but incitement in there. Get real.

      • “Nothing but incitement”? Like the Israeli public demanding that a soldier who shot dead an unarmed, injured Palestinian?
        Show pictures with translations of the Palestinian textbooks to prove your claim of incitement. The world has seen a lot of images of children signing “With love, Israel” on the bombs that Israel showered on Gaza.

      • Bangla Bhai

        Really!! Does any of the Palestinian books generalize all Jews as subhumans, snakes or beasts?

  • Lee Whitewidower Finly

    Zionist zuckerberg