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Syria regime renews bombardment against Wadi Barada

Syrian regime missiles destroy streets of Damascus, Syria on 10 November 2016. [Firas Abdullah]
Syrian regime missiles destroy streets of Damascus, Syria on 10 November 2016. [Firas Abdullah]

The Syrian regime of President Bashar Al-Assad has continued its violations of a nationwide ceasefire brokered by Turkey and Russia almost two weeks ago, and has bombed the strategic valley of Wadi Barada near Damascus.

Activists said the fighting resumed between Assad regime forces and allied Hezbollah Shia jihadists on one side and armed opposition factions on the other in several zones including Ain Al-Fijah, Deir Mikren, Kafr Al-Awamed and Kafr Al-Zeit.

The Syrian Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets, in the Damascus area said that heavy shelling with artillery and surface-to-surface missiles by the regime had targeted the town of Bseima and the Ain Al-Fijah spring in Wadi Barada.

The Ain Al-Fijah spring provides the majority of the capital Damascus’ water supply, providing vital water to approximately four million people.

Speculation as to why the Assad regime has targeted its main water supply has abounded, with some suggesting that, by causing water supply problems which it can blame on the opposition, the regime is seeking to dry up any support for the revolt around Damascus.

A local activist media network reported that the opposition had destroyed a regime tank and caused a bulldozer to be set on fire, as well as killing and wounding many of Assad regime soldiers and allied Shia militants during gun battles.

Meanwhile Russian and Turkish diplomats met in Ankara to discuss the violations of the ceasefire.

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