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Israel plants spy cameras in Palestinian homes in occupied West Bank

January 18, 2017 at 11:52 am

Israeli occupation forces have planted spy cameras inside Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank, a specialist on prisoners’ issues revealed on Tuesday.

Speaking to Al-Resalah, former prisoner Fuad Al-Khuffash said that several Palestinian families have discovered spy cameras and other equipment planted secretly in their homes after raids carried out by the Israeli occupation forces. “These cameras and eavesdropping devices transmit and report information to the Israeli occupation authorities day and night,” he explained.

The occupation authorities apparently cut electricity supplies for the whole area during such military raids in order to be able to install the spy sets without attracting the attention of the house-owners. “This is a clear violation of the privacy of individual Palestinians,” stressed Khuffash.

The Israelis, he added, clearly do not care about “violating all rights and conventions” relating to the oppression of the Palestinians living under military occupation.