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Brotherhood prepares to defend itself against Trump ban

February 13, 2017 at 2:59 pm

Egyptian supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood protesting in Cairo, Egypt on 11 November 2016 [Apaimages]

The Muslim Brotherhood has said that it is preparing to defend itself against a ban by US President Donald Trump, stressing that the West “knows very well” that it is a “moderate” movement, reported on Sunday. The world’s largest Islamic movement is facing the latest of several such attempts to ban it in the West.

“We recognise that different institutions in the West in general and the US specifically believe that the group has a moderate ideology,” said spokesman Talaat Fahmi. “However, it is clear that these institutions are in conflict with a racist current that is trying to impose its will above all else.” The movement, he explained, maintains active contact with the “civilised populations” in the West which reject the current racism.

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According to a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader — who spoke on condition of anonymity for personal reasons — the movement is working on several levels in the face of the Trump ban scenario. These include the possible hiring of a major US public relations firm to present the real image of the Muslim community and the Muslim Brotherhood to American society. “The group is holding political, information and academic conferences,” he added, “where it will host specialists propounding the views of the Muslim Brotherhood to the American people and decision-makers.”

Before the presidential inauguration on 20 January, the now Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described Daesh, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood as “extremist and radical Islamist groups” which need to be fought.

The US-based Human Rights Watch has warned Trump’s administration of the possible consequences of blacklisting the Muslim Brotherhood. The CIA, pointed out, has issued similar warnings.