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Israel tells Gaza heart patient: Spy for us or die

Ahmed was explicitly told by Israeli security forces - in order to have his operation, he would have to spy for Israel

A heart patient from Gaza has died after he refused an Israeli offer to spy on Palestinian in order to access treatment.

Seventeen-year-old Ahmed was born with a congenital heart defect and had undergone a number of operations. He regularly made the trip from the Gaza Strip to the occupied West Bank for treatment and underwent 18 operations in Israeli hospitals.

The operation to have his heart valve replaced was postponed a number of times until finally he was asked to meet an intelligence officer at the Erez crossing, the only border passage open for Gazans to enter Israel.

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During the meeting, Ahmed was explicitly told that in order to have his operation, he would have to cooperate with the security forces and spy for Israel.

According to Ahmed’s father, Hassan Shubeir, the Israeli intelligence officer told Ahmed that he wanted him to help by giving Israel the names of specific locations in Gaza. He said he would send him to an Israeli hospital in exchange for the information.

Ahmed refused.

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The Israeli officer told him that if he doesn’t provide the information he would not be allowed to cross the border.

Ahmed chose to stay in Gaza even if it meant signing his own death warrant.

Back in Gaza, Ahmed’s health deteriorated and he passed away last month.

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  • Rings true. For how long can this kind of things go on ?

    • Siv Phillips

      Until those guilty of carrying on this inhumane and cruel occupation of Palestine, breaking international law, crimes against humanity, genocide, apartheid and the list goes on, are being held accountable globally, accross the board, left to right, up and down.


        Ask yourself why the so called palestine was not independent in 1948 . When you have intention towards others this is where it leads to ; they have themselves to blame

        • Legend

          yes im sure ahmed was the reason palestine was not independent in 1948. kokou maybe you should read about the treatment of african JEWS in israel just for the fact the they’re african

          • A.S.F.

            Ahmed would quite obviously not even be alive today if it wasn’t for the medical services he has been receiving from Israel. Keep biting the hand that cures them and see how far the Palestinians get trying to obtain medical services from their own Palestinian/Arab/Muslim brothers and sisters. Maybe they can apply for medical services from Syria which has managed to kill over 3,000 Palestinians so far in their civil war. OOOPPPS! It seems that the suffering Syrians are also dependent on Israel to help them with their medical needs. Never mind!

  • leftistfiltharethecanceronsoci

    Maybe the Gazans can do the same to an Israeli seeking treatment there. LOL. Anyone who believes this deserves what they get.

    • kaystiel

      There are no Israelis in Gaza, idiot, they were all moved out after the Oslo accords. The hospitals in Gaza barely function, due to blockades from Israel, no Israeli would seek treatment there.

      • A.S.F.

        The hospitals in the Palestinian territories barely function because they take all the aid and resources they receive from UNWRA and countries all over the world to pay stipends to terrorists, build palaces for their senior government officials (whose Swiss Bank accounts are mysteriously ever growing), purchase renewed rocket and munitions supplies and build terror tunnels. DUH.

      • A.S.F.

        The entire Gaza Strip was handed over to the Palestinians voluntarily by the Israelis n 2005 in what the Israelis hoped would be a bid for peace. And the Palestinians responded by ratcheting UP their terrorism and rocket fire into Israel’s backyard. And they never got around to their promised “grand resettlement” plans for the Gaza despite the tons of money given to them for that purpose. The Israelis donated stores of cement to help them with those efforts. The cement has been found to line the walls of the terror tunnels that have been built by the Palestinians, easily identified by their lot numbers.But keep cranking out the self-serving lies. There will always be enough moral neanderthals around who hate Jews enough to eagerly lap them up.

  • kaystiel

    bless this boy, he could have easily agreed, even if he was going to give the Israelis misinformation, but he lived for the truth, we need more people like him in the world, not less.

    • A.S.F.

      This kid is doing what his father and government are telling him to do, despite the fact that it might lead to the Israelis being reluctant to provide him and his family with any more medical services–for THEIR own good–because this family appears intent upon de-legitimizing and destroying the very entity that is treating their loved one for free and keeping him alive. How absolutely stupid! Then again, since Hamas has EXECUTED over 35 Palestinians in the past year alone for anything they deem to call “Collaboration with the Enemy”, perhaps it is HAMAS that has this family over a barrel and at its (non-existent) mercy. Again…DUH!

  • The most ruthless, demonic, vile, parasitic, mass murderous, evil, filthy, disgustingly racist tribalist anti-Semitic race on earth. They must be EXTERMINATED! Holocaust hypocrites.

    • A.S.F.

      What is THAT rant supposed to mean???

  • A.S.F.

    What a piece of you-know-what. Thousands of Palestinians receive medical services from Israel that they cannot get from their own because their own governments care more about building terror tunnels than they do about the health and welfare of the Palestinian populace. And they can’t get serious treatment like this from Jordan, Saudi Arabia or other Arab/Muslim countries because those other countries don’t offer such services to Palestinians. Muslim brotherhood only extends itself but so far–usually serving the self-serving interests of those who are less than primarily concerned about the day-today struggles of the Palestinian people.