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Syrian, Russian air raids hit hospital, kill 11 in Daraa

Debris of buildings are seen after airstrikess hit Syria [Anadolu]
Debris of buildings are seen after airstrikess hit Syria [Anadolu]

At least 11 civilians were killed and many more injured in intensive airstrikes carried out by the Syrian and Russian warplanes targeting areas in the southern city of Daraa, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported today.

The Syria Civil Defence, the White Helmets, said in a statement that Russian and Syrian fighter jets targeted a hospital in Daraa. The hospital is no longer functioning.

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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s air forces launched approximately 11 ground-to-ground missiles on various neighbourhoods in Daraa.

The aerial bombardment forced the closure of schools until a further notice.

Opposition groups blew up a Syrian army-affiliated weapon and ammunition stores in the Manshiyeh neighbourhood.

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A Syrian officer said that the current clashes in Daraa are the most intensive since the beginning of crisis.

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