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‘Dad, carry me’ cries Syria child who has legs blown off by Assad regime

Syrian sources have confirmed that the child,'s name is Abdulbasit Ta’an Alstoof, who is approximately 8 years-old, lost both his legs by a regime barrel bomb attack

***WARNING: The following video contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all users***

Syrian social media activists have been circulating horrifying footage taken following an attack yesterday by the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad in northern Syria, showing a young child who has had his legs blown off in a barrel bomb attack perpetrated by the regime calling out to his father to carry him as people around him scream for an ambulance.

The attack happened in the district of Habeet in southern Idlib, one of Syria’s northernmost provinces and also one of the Syrian opposition’s last major territorial holdings which regularly comes under Assad regime attack, backed up by Russian airpower.

Syrian sources have confirmed that the child,'s name is Abdulbasit Ta’an Alstoof, who is approximately 8 years-old and a victim of a Assad regime barrel bomb attack

8 year-old Abdulbasit Ta’an Alstoof

Syrian sources have confirmed that the child, Abdulbasit Ta’an Alstoof, who is approximately eight-years-old, was present during a regime barrel and thermobaric bomb attack targeting a residential block in Habeet yesterday. The attack killed four people, a woman and three of her children, as well as severely wounding seven others, including Abdulbasit.

The harrowing footage shows Abdulbasit being laid down on the floor as people shout for an ambulance to come to his aid, with Abdulbasit propping himself up and reaching out, screaming: “Carry me, daddy, carry me!”

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Later on, a clearly traumatised Abdulbasit can be seen recuperating in one of the Syrian opposition’s remaining field hospitals, frequently the target of Assad regime and Russian airstrikes. A man in the background can be heard trying to soothe him asking him about his health and wellbeing, as Abdulbasit stares on, horrified at what had just happened to him and the long-term impact that this will have on his life that had really only just begun.

Assad regime ignores ceasefire

The Syrian Revolution Network confirmed that the child suffered his horrific wounds following an Assad regime barrel bomb attack, and other activists caught the helicopter that conducted the bombing on camera.

Sources in Habeet confirmed that an Assad regime helicopter dropped two barrel bombs on a residential neighbourhood used only by civilians, with no armed factions present. The helicopter then departed the area, only to be replaced by a warplane that dropped a thermobaric bomb on the same area, leading to further casualties.

Thermobaric bombs, also known as vacuum bombs, are advanced and devastating weapons that cause immense shockwaves that can level entire buildings and decimate humans. Firing any weapons, but particularly such destructive bombs, on civilian areas is a war crime and a crime against humanity.

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The Assad regime’s latest attack that has irreparably destroyed Abdulbasit’s life and others around him, comes despite the regime agreeing to a ceasefire with the anti-Assad opposition late last year, and despite ongoing peace talks in Geneva and Astana.

This latest assault on civilians will raise questions as to the Assad regime’s commitment to the ceasefire or even a long-term peace, and will also lead to questions surrounding Turkey and Russia’s commitment to act as guarantors of the ceasefire and to prevent such violations from occurring.

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  • neluroman

    Assad is Shia the rebels are Sunnis. The hatred between Shia and Sunni is so huge, but so huge that it is not matched anywhere in the world. 1400 years were not enough to bridge this rift between Shiites and Sunnis. Now, after what happened in Syria the chances to reconcile the two sides are practically inexistent. Sad but true.

    • ray rayz

      This Sunnis Shia “war” is a media creation to justify their war policies for the Zionist Illegal State..

      • neluroman

        No, you are wrong. I don’t know whether you try to fool me in face or whether you are an ignorant. I remind you that Shia/ Sunni hatred of ones others started 1400 years ago when conservator Muslims murdered Hussein and his entire family. Since then those who supported his claim of ruling the entire Muslim community,and, of course, the generations who followed them, have never forgotten or forgiven this crime. From Afghanistan in east, to Yemen in west, Shia versus Sunni endless war has been continuing for centuries. And you call it ” a media creation” . Give me a break! I know, 1001 Nights Fairy Tales are great, but copying the same rhetoric doesn’t work everywhere or with anyone, as well as doesn’t work taqiyya (Islamic divine lie).

        • ray rayz

          Ohh.. I hit a nerve with you.. I must be right..

  • ray rayz

    MEM, when I read anything about Syria here I just can’t take anything as fact. There are never confirmed stories, just rumors and innuendo.. It’s a bit like CNNNNN…

    • هذر المحبوبه

      We can see it’s a fake video for propaganda purposes! The child is ‘approximately 8 years old’ and had his legs blown off yet, there are no pools of blood and he even manages to sit up, he is not even crying”! If this were true the child would have collapsed from blood loss and would probably be in shock, not sitting up shouting!!! If MEM are going to post to suit their political ideologies they should pay more attention to detail!! This news site is getting harder and harder to believe!

  • Helen4Yemen

    MEMO showing it sectarian bias – as always – what’s new?