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Egypt clears Mubarak of charges of killing protesters in 2011 uprising

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has today been cleared of charges of killing protesters in the 2011 uprising that lead to his removal from power.

After an all-day hearing, Judge Ahmed Abdel Qawi announced: "The court has found the defendant innocent."

The court also rejected demands by lawyers of the victims to reopen civil suits, leaving no remaining option for appeal or retrial.

The verdict could lead to Mubarak being freed.

A report commission by Mubarak's predecessor Mohamed Morsi said at least 846 protesters were killed during the uprising in early 2011, but Egypt's interior ministry – which controls the police force – repeatedly denied responsibility.

Police were said to have used live ammunition and arms against those demonstrating to end Mubarak's rule of almost 30 years.

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