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A year-long cruise is cheaper than living in Dubai

New Year fireworks explode from the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower in Dubai on December 31, 2016. ( Mahmoud Khaled - Anadolu Agency )

A cruise itinerary developed by Planet Cruise has turned out to be much cheaper than the average cost of living in Dubai for the same amount of time, even without the additional "luxury" benefits such as pool and beach club access.

The 2017 cruise costs £24,000 for a 52-week voyage, which is £4,668 cheaper than the cost of living in Dubai for a year.

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Touted as the world's longest cruise, Planet Cruise put together a list of voyages that are timed just right so that you can depart one ship and immediately board another, bound for a different destination.

The 365-day cruise-hopping adventure would have food, entertainment and accommodation taken care of and would take you to some of the most ironic and exotic destinations in the world.

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