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Iraqi PM: We will target Daesh abroad

Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi delivers a speech on 8 March 2017 in Iraq [Feriq Fereç - Anadolu Agency]
Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi delivers a speech on 8 March 2017 in Iraq [Feriq Fereç/Anadolu Agency]

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi pledged to target Daesh bases in neighbouring countries, namely Syria, if they pose a threat to Iraq, AlKhaleejOnlne.com reported yesterday.

On the margin of his participation in a meeting in the north of the country, Al-Abadi said: “With all respect to the sovereignty of all countries, I will never hesitate to target Daesh bases in the neighbouring countries after getting their permission.”


    estimated cost of infrastructure damage caused by Daesh in Iraq

He warned that the continuous battles in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya would proliferate terror.

Regarding the losses caused to his country due to Daesh attacks, he said: “The cost of damages to infrastructure caused by Daesh is estimated at about $35 billion.”

Meanwhile, he called for the international community to contribute to rebuilding the country and regaining stability in the areas liberated from Daesh.

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Al-Abadi also called for Iraqi forces to unite under a national umbrella that takes the responsibility of protecting the country.

“I call for uniting the Iraqi forces,” he said, “there should not be forces affiliating to parties or political sides, but Iraqi forces for all Iraqis.”

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