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Iraq's Parliamentary Speaker calls for historic settlement between Arab states

The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament called on Sunday for a historic settlement between the Arab states which removes all forms of tension once and for all. Saleem Al-Jubouri made his comments during a meeting with the heads of Arab diplomatic missions working in Baghdad.

The concept of a "historic settlement" should not be associated with the Iraqi crisis, he insisted, because the region as a whole needs an agreement that removes all tension. There have been calls and efforts in Iraq to achieve political reconciliation that paves the way for the post-Daesh Middle East.

Sunni forces in Iraq attribute the emergence of the militant group and its seizure of many provinces in 2014 to political differences and a monopoly of power by Shia parties in Baghdad, as well as the absence of a common vision for the management of government institutions, especially those linked to security and politics. This is a charge that is denied by the government of Haider Al-Abadi.

"We are going through a difficult and sensitive stage which requires greater Arab solidarity," said Al-Jubouri. He warned about what he called "international trenches trying to divide the Arab region, while pointing out the cooperation between Iraq and Arab countries in all political, security and economic fields, especially the fact that many Arab states have stood with Iraq during its difficult times.

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