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Iraq buys fighters with Israeli radars

Image of fighter jets [file photo]

Israeli military sources revealed on Sunday that Iraq had bought fighter jets with radars made in Israel, Safa News Agency reported.

According to the website Israel Defence, Iraq bought 24 ‘T-50IQ’ fighter jets made in South Korea and equipped with radars made in an Israeli factory.

The Israeli website, according to Safa, said that Iraq had bought the fighter jets which are similar in performance to the F-16s.

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  • Pounce

    The T50 is a training aircraft and not a fighter jet.

  • Retaliation

    The Iraqis requested the radar to be changed when they ordered the jets….

    and to respond the the previous comment, the T50-IQ is similar to the FA50, and can be used as a fighter jet as well as training

  • Helen4Yemen

    Who are these “Israelis”? Lithuanians, Germans, Hungarian, Russians …?