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Italian company to build airport control tower in Libya

Airport control tower [Marcus Wong/Wikipedia]
Airport control tower [Marcus Wong/Wikipedia]

The Libyan Civil Aviation Authority has awarded Italy's state-run Enav the contract for the construction of the control tower and technical block in the Mitiga airport.

€5 million
is the cost of the new control tower which is due to be completed by the end of the year

Clashes which erupted in 2014 led to the destruction of the airport in Tripoli leaving the Mitiga airport, which is approximately eight kilometres away, as the central hub serving domestic and international flights.

In a statement, Enav said: "Thanks to the construction of the new control tower, Libya will ensure the highest level of efficiency and safety operations."

The Italian company has already been involved in training 60 Libyan air traffic controllers, under the contractual agreement signed last October.

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