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Hamas slams Abbas' policy of intimidation

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' use of threats and intimidation are not useful, member of Hamas political bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouk, said.

"Abbas' threats to take unprecedented steps to deal with the issue of Palestinian division aim to rid him of the consequences of reconciliation."

Quds Press reported Abu Marzouk saying:

Abbas' policy towards the Gaza Strip will only deepen the division and the deduction of Gaza employees' salaries by 30 per cent is the best evidence of that.

"Hamas has presented its vision on the Qatari proposal and Fatah has presented its vision, and the only party authorised to talk about it is the Qatari mediator and not the Fatah movement."

"Hamas has made many concessions during all the mediation efforts, but Abbas has refused to respond to them," he said.

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He stressed that the Palestinian Authority has many economic papers that it can use to further restrictions on the Gaza Strip and its people, including refusing to pay for electricity and other services, however he ruled out the option of the PA taking over security coordination in the enclave.

Abu Marzouk refused to talk about whether mediators could intervene to prevent the escalation of relations between Fatah and Hamas, and said "until now, these are only threats, and we do not respond to them".

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