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150,000 Alawites killed in 6-year Syria war

DARAA, SYRIA - FEBRUARY 27: A man inspects debris of a building after aircraft belonging to Assad Regime forces carried out airstrikes in Daraa, Syria on February 27, 2017. ( Muhammed Yusuf - Anadolu Agency )

A prominent Syrian opponent revealed that nearly 150,000 Alawites have been killed in Syria during efforts to maintain President Bashar Al-Assad in power, well informed Russian sources revealed.

In a statement released to Italy’s AKI news agency on Monday, the sources said: “According to Russian sources, the number of victims of young Alawites in the war launched by the regime six years ago has reached nearly 150,000, meaning the elimination of a whole generation of this community that is supposed to be of a productive age.”

“This explains why he [Al-Assad] has increased the age of conscription and began recruiting female Alawites.”

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  • abu antar

    That is why Assad can not just walk away and give up presidency. Alawites are a minority linked to Assad (he is Alawi himself of course)and if and when he’s gone, they’ll be pay back in the form of genocide.

    • Stern Daler

      So the US and co support a planed genocide. According to You.

      • abu antar

        I’m giving my view to why Assad won’t step down willingly.

        • Stern Daler

          Yes. And in my view that is the yeast of Your words. Germany and other EU countries took up 600k+ Sunnites, mainly male draft dodgers. The prospect of genocide would send possibly another 2-3 million people.
          IMHO the US and their allies not only plan to destabilize the Assad regime but also the EU.

          p.s. The US and the UK only took token amounts of Syrian refugees and left the burden they created to others.

          • abu antar

            Except for Lebanon and Jordan, the Arab and Muslim nations, took in close to nothing fellow Syrians. If it wasn’t for European guilt, the lucky ones (refugees) in Europe would have been annihilated too.
            I don’t know enough about US politics ,to comment on your assertion that the US plans to destabilize the EU.
            I believe the US interest in Syria, is to counter Russian and Iranian influence.Any complaints pointed at the US regarding Syria, should equally be addressed to Putin and Iran.

          • Stern Daler

            IMHO Jordan & Lebanon have a tradition to accept refugees and are close. You can observe than same pattern in Europe. The countries with a tradition to accept refugees – do accept a high number. Descending from refugees yourself seems of influence. AFAIK Merkel is from mixed German-Polish (maybe better German-West Slavonic) refugee family. BTW. Turkey and Greece have the tradition to accept refugees too. Substantial parts of the population have a refugee background – like in Germany, Jordan, Lebanon.

            I observe that US circles verbally attack EU and Euro e.g. Trump… They say the EU must be dissolved. And they act accordingly together with Erdogan. Turkey a close US ally and partner in this regime change war has already openly instrumentalized the refugees against the EU e.g. in negotiations. So IMHO it is obvious. And I assume a common policy.

            Yes. The US & Israel claim that they only try to counter aggressive Iranian policy. The US also opposes Russian influence in the region. But if You look at the map the region is geopolitically in the backyard of Russia not of the US. And in this backyard the economic interests of close allies of both sides collide. That is IMHO the motive.

            Yes. The Assad regime was always authoritarian. But so are most regimes in that area. So that was not sufficient reason to go to war against it.

            What bothers me – except of Trump’s open verbal attacks against the EU and the costly results of his war to Europe.

            The US plan for regime change was never compliant
            with international law. A/RES/2625(XXV) = Declaration on
            Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations
            and Co-operation among States in accordance with the Charter
            of the United Nation. Trump’s rocket attack with no UNSC
            endorsement is an illegal act of aggression that contradicts
            the UN Charter and its principles. While Russia’s acts IMHO are compliant with international law.

          • abu antar

            International laws are fine if everyone follows them.The past six years many academics, world leaders and couch coaches (is that the term?)debated this. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands are dead, millions are homeless and destitute refugees.Haven’t we learnt anything from the(not so far) past? Acting “academic”and playing nice, has cost the lives of many Rwandans and South Sudanese, to name 2 lately examples.The world had no such moral dilemmas intervening in Yugoslavia and bombing the Serbs to smithereens with the blessing of the “UN”.All because the atrocities were in Europe. Too close for comfort. But who cares about blacks and Arabs dying in a thousand horrible ways? Not the Arab league, not the Arab/Muslim countries and not Russia.
            US foreign policy is cynical and self serving, no surprise. But I rather place my lot with the Americans than with the Russians or Chinese.
            I say, international interference is what needed. With or without the “UN” blessing.We must hurry. Soon there won’t be anyone to save in Syria.

  • Vladislav Tajović

    Exactly, US and co support a planed genocide. Because Alawites are backed by Iran, enemy of US, Saudis and friend of Russia. On the other hand Saudis are friend of US, they are suni Muslims and they are backing suni moderate killers in Syria to kill all Alawites, shia Muslims, and all other who are backing Asad. If they do that, US will control that region and pull out Russians and Iranians, and Saudis would be able to construct oil pipe line up to Mediterian. It is that simple. Just you will not hear this on CNN.