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Report: Trump proposes plan to topple Assad

US President Donald Trump and King Abdullah II bin al-Hussein of Jordan (not seen) emerge from the Oval Office together for a joint press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, USA on April 5, 2017. ( Samuel Corum - Anadolu Agency )

US President Donald Trump is believed to have finalised a plan to topple Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, Fox News reported on Tuesday.

According to US officials, who refused to reveal themselves to the American network, the plan focuses on defeating Daesh as a major step towards overthrowing Al-Assad.

Daesh has lost a majority of the area it had controlled in Iraq and Syria, except Raqqa, the city the group has declared its capital, and which the United States and allied opposition forces are preparing to attack in the coming weeks.

Trump says ‘something should happen’ with Assad

The second phase of the plan will focus on enforcing stability after the expulsion of Daesh, where the US administration will try to broker a ceasefire agreement in the region between Assad forces and the Syrian opposition under rules that are difficult to breach.

The Trump administration also spoke about “interim zones of stability” which would be different to safe zones. Under Trump’s plan, the Assad government would be party to the stability zones and US or Arab aircrafts could ostensibly patrol them without clashing with Syrian warplanes.

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  • Stern Daler

    The US Trump plan is not compliant with international law. A/RES/2625(XXV) = Declaration on Principles of International Law
    concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nation.
    Trump’s rocket attack with no UNSC endorsement is an illegal act of aggression that contradicts the UN Charter and its principles.

    • Basu Deb

      The US doesn’t obey international laws. They are exceptional. In the name of fighting IS the US will consolidate it forces on the Syrian soil. That’s the plan.

      • Ld_Elon_Postman_RoyalMale

        One agrees that they’re exceptionally delusional…yeah!

      • Stern Daler

        Absolutely. And the result of the consolidation will be Oilistan in the the Kurdish East?

    • MisterSamsung Galaxy

      Whats the UN going to do to Trump ? Give him a good talking to ?
      There are numerous examples of countries ignoring the UN with zero fallout. The United States is one of them.

      • Stern Daler

        You are right. Especially the big countries ignore it.

        • MisterSamsung Galaxy

          Justice in the international Arena is or can be served when both adversaries have mutual respect and recognize each others ability to harm the other. Anything else is glitter..even in this day and age

  • Ld_Elon_Postman_RoyalMale

    This did not come from President Trump… this came from deep state controlling President Trump.