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Yemen: Muslim Brotherhood causing tension between Saudi Arabia, UAE

Image of Yemeni Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdelmalik Al-Mikhlafi [YouTube]
Image of Yemeni Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdelmalik Al-Mikhlafi [YouTube]

The Yemeni government accused the Muslim Brotherhood of trying to cause tensions among the members of the Saudi-led Arab coalition which fights Shia Houthi militias in Yemen, Moheet reported yesterday.

According to an Emirati news website cited by Moheet, Yemeni sources said that a “certain state” in the region “offered massive funds for Brotherhood mass media to cause tension between Saudi Arabia and the UAE in order to dissolve the coalition which is fighting Iran’s allies in Yemen.”

Meanwhile, Yemeni Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdelmalik Al-Mikhlafi accused the Muslim Brotherhood of seeking to cause tension among the member states of the Saudi-led coalition, stressing that “these efforts will not succeed.”

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“The Saudi-led Arab coalition will remain in Yemen until the achievement of its goals,” Al-Mikhlafi said. “The legitimate leadership of Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the UAE sacrificed too much for the sake of the country and Arab nation and attempts to cause tension among them will not succeed,” he added.

He also said that “all differences were exaggerated and the coalition will continue until it achieves its goals – construction, security and stability.”

Commenting on reports that the UAE was forced out of the coalition, he said: “The Arab coalition is a strong alliance built on sacrifices. It will not be ripped apart by mass and social media.”

According to Moheet, the Muslim Brotherhood slammed the Arab coalition, causing massive controversy in Yemen and among the internationally recognised Yemeni leadership.

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  • Darrell

    May the Houthis put a bullet in the head of every saudi and emirati terrorist.

    • raven workload

      Truer words have never been spoken.
      Every country should govern itself without foreign interference, the Houthis are a 100% Yemeni element that existed 2000 years ago and are not a new player that flew in from Tehran.
      This unhealthy obsession of the Gulf monarchs with Iran and blaming them for every misfortune that befalls them is pathetic to say the when we should be united to put Israel in it’s place and bring peace to the Palestenian people.
      It is obvious who the gulf monarchs are serving in this region.

  • as1991

    Well, the Arab coalition has no option but to intervene for the sake of stability and peace. Of course curbing Iran’s dominance over the region is taken into consideration. Rebels are seeking power regardless of the consequences which sadly led to many issues. Now, the economy is suffering and civilians’ death toll is on the rise.