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Rouhani accused of disloyalty to Supreme Leader Khamenei

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and the reformists in the country have been accused of having no loyalty to Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei, Anadolu reported on Monday. The accusation was made by Khamenei's representative in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Ali Saidi made his comments during a speech in the city of Esfahan marking the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Iranian Republic. "The recent presidential election," he warned, "exposed several things for us. If we do not take the measures needed, the fate of the Iranian revolution will be similar to other revolutions."

Khamenei's representative accused Rouhani and his supporters of "tending towards the West and seeking to change Iran's foreign policy agenda." He also accused them of "disbelieving in the values of the revolution and having no loyalty to Khamenei."

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On 19 May, Iranians voted for Rouhani to serve a second term in office. However, he has failed to achieve the economic development he promised prior to his first term in office.

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