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50 years of occupation and life for Palestinian children

MEMO will be live blogging the congressional briefing by DCI Palestine at approximately 2:30pm BST
Image of Israeli occupation forces arresting a Palestinian youth
Israeli occupation forces can be seen arresting a Palestinian youth [file photo]

Marking 50 years of Israeli military occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, NGO Defence for Children International Palestine will be speaking to US lawmakers tomorrow to stress that “50 years is enough”.

According to Brad Parker, staff attorney and international advocacy officer:

A half-century of violence, systemic discrimination, settlement expansion, blockade, and military assaults against Palestinians with ongoing support from the US government [is enough]…

Another generation of Palestinian children cannot grow up with their futures stifled by military rule.

“Last year was the deadliest in a decade for West Bank children. Already in 2017, nine more Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces. We must hold Israeli authorities accountable.”

MEMO will be live blogging the event from 2:30pm BST, covering the congressional briefing exploring what it means to live under military occupation for those bearing its greatest brunt: Palestinian children.

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