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France launched 600 air strikes on Mosul

Image of smoke after an airstrike was carried out in Mosul, Iraq [Alex Kühn]
Image of smoke after a bomb was carried out in Mosul, Iraq [Alex Kühn/Anadolu Agency]

French fighter jets have launched 600 air strikes against Daesh in Mosul since the start of the Iraqi forces’ battle to regain control of the city from Daesh in October 2016, spokesman Colonel Patrick Steiger said in a press conference on Wednesday.

In total, the French armed forces have waged 1,307 raids on militant group in both Syria and Iraq, he added.

“First, we prepped for the battle to liberate Mosul and support Iraqi security forces, surrounding the city and cutting off reinforcements that could come from elsewhere: 300 French strikes contributed to this initial success,” he explained.

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At a later phase, Steiger said, the French forces launched another 300 raids and 1,200 artillery shelling campaigns.

The French military spokesman warned against rushing to announce victory before Mosul’s complete liberation from Daesh’s grip. “There is one kilometre remaining,” but this was the case in the battles for Libya’s Sirte and Benghazi, but it took months to take control of the two cities.

“The question is not whether Mosul is going to fall, but when this will happen.”

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