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An open letter to Saudi Ambassador Sami Al-Saleh

Saudi’s ambassador to Algeria, Sami Bin Abdullah Al-Saleh, angers Algerians by labelling Hamas as a terrorist organisation

The Saudi ambassador to Algeria, Sami Al-Saleh, has made a statement on television saying that Hamas is a terrorist organisation.

When asked by the host why, Al-Salehstammered and said that members of Hamas stay in five-star hotels and should go and resist the occupation inside Palestine.

I pose the following questions to His Excellency the Ambassador:

  1. Who categorised Hamas as a terrorist organisation?
  2. What hotel are the Hamas leaders staying in?
  3. How do you know they are not inside Palestine?
  4. What are the plots that they have been involved in?

I am certain that His Excellency will struggle with his words once again and will not know how to answer these questions.

I will volunteer and respond in place of His Excellency the Ambassador.

The Zionist occupation is the one who accuses Hamas of terrorism and those who repeat this accusation are also Zionists.

Hamas are part of the Palestinian people and they live and reside amongst the Palestinian people inside and outside of Palestine. They live in the hearts and minds of their nation.

Algeria in uproar as Saudi official calls Hamas a ‘terrorist’ movement

Hamas has not been involved in any act of sabotage or conspiracy in any place, nor against any party, and if you have any other information in this regard please disclose it on air.

Hamas has gained the love, respect, and appreciation of the Saudi people and society, despite the fact that your position is weak, illogical and lacks moral values. It also contradicts reality and all values.

Hamas’ position stems from the spirit of the Islamic religion, which calls for defending land, people, sanctities, and the land of the prophets.

The position of Hamas also stems from international laws and conventions that support the use of force against those who occupy land and kill innocent people.

As for your position, it goes against religion, morals, values, the human mind, and the human conscience. It destroys Saudi politics and insults it, as well as those managing it.

Hamas is a national liberation movement and all official Arab, Islamic and international institutions classify Hamas on this basis. It is your position alone that is different.

Next time think before you speak. Speak on behalf of Saudi interests, and do not be an official spokesman for the occupation, even if you disagree with Hamas.

This article was translated from The Palestinian Information Centre on 12 July 2017

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.

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