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Politician writes from Egypt's Scorpion Prison: 'I pity my jailer'

Famous Egyptian lawyer and politician said in the first letter leaked from his cell at the infamous Scorpion Prison that while he is locked up, he pities his jailer, Huffington Post reported yesterday.

Sultan marked four years of imprisonment in his letter and addressed the Egyptian youths, who took part in the January 25 Revolution.

He was arrested in July 2013 and his letter was titled "My reviews from inside my cell which has two glass layers and two metal barriers."

Sultan described the "dark" place in which he is living.

Pictures of Essam Sultan before and after going to Tora prison.
His photo on the left is a file photo from 2014, and on the right is an immage taken from his Facebook account [facebook.com/EssamSultanOfficia] which was posted on May 6 2017


In his letter, he said: "By July 2017, I have been in the Scorpion Prison for four years. The age of the military coup against the will of the nation and the democratic experience which was born from womb of the January 25 Revolution."

Whenever continuous torture inside my solitary dark cell increases, whenever physical and corporeal torture, including the ban of food, water, treatment, visitation, paper, pen and book, I pity my jailer more and more and my belief in freedom for hijacked Egypt increases.

Sultan added: "Whenever my longing to my sons, whom I hope just to see, I have more faith that they and their generation deserve more patience and persistence on the principles and values which I committed to since I was young."

The imprisoned lawyer continued: "Whenever I see the life of the simple citizen deteriorating, ignored and marginalised, as well as lives under corruption, vagrancy, frustration, I become sure that the origin of all of these things is authoritarianism."

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