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Jordan slams Netanyahu’s warm welcome of bodyguard who killed two Jordanians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warmly received the Israeli soldier who killed two Jordanian citizens

July 28, 2017 at 11:11 am

Jordan King Abdullah II has criticised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after video footage released by his office showed him hugging an Israeli security guard who killed two Jordanians in Amman.

During an emergency meeting of the National Policy Council attended by Prime Minister Hani Al-Mulki, a number of ministers and security leaders, King Abdullah said: “A staff member at the Israeli Embassy in Amman has shot two of our sons. We will dedicate all the efforts and resources of the Jordanian state to ensure that justice takes its course.”

King Abdullah stressed:

[Netanyahu should] honour his responsibilities and take the necessary legal measures to ensure that the killer is tried and justice is served, rather than exhibiting political showmanship in dealing with this crime to score personal political points.

Israel’s handling of the embassy incident was “utterly rejected and provocative” adding that it “angers us all, threatens regional security, and fuels extremism. It is absolutely unacceptable.”

An Israeli security guard killed two Jordanian citizens inside an apartment building belonging to the Israeli embassy in Amman on Sunday evening.

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