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Israel demolishes Arab village for the 116th time

The aftermath of Israeli bulldozers razing Al-Araqeeb village in Negev [Sarah Stern‏/Twitter]
Israeli bulldozers can be seen after demolishing the Arab Bedouin village of Al-Araqeeb, 18 May 2017 [Sarah Stern‏/Twitter]

Israeli bulldozers destroyed the village of Al-Araqeeb for the 116th time this morning.

According to local sources in the Negev, some Israeli occupation forces secured the full protection of Israeli bulldozers during the demolition, which destroyed the huts in the village.

Palestinian activist in Al-Araqeeb, Aziz Sayah Al-Turi, said that Israeli soldiers and the representatives of the Israel Land Administration stormed the village early in the morning and began to demolish the houses within it.

Al-Turi stated that the Israeli police prevented residents and citizens from confronting bulldozers in order to stop and obstruct the demolition, pointing out that the occupation authorities had already destroyed the village in early July.


The Israeli bulldozers and machines, which were protected by police, demolished the tents and huts that sheltered the families and made them homeless, without taking into account the very hot weather in the region

witnesses said.

Al-Araqeeb is a Palestinian village situated in the Negev region and has existed before the formation of the State of Israel; however the authorities do not regonise it.

It was first demolished on 27 July 2010. Israel demands the villagers pay the sum of 2 million shekels ($600,000) to cover the cost of the repeated demolitions.

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