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Members of Netanyahu's party call for him to resign

Image of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [Kremlin.ru/Wikipedia]
Image of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [Kremlin.ru/Wikipedia]

Members of the Likud party are calling for party member and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down amidst allegations of fraud because harm is done to the political group’s reputation.

Though many within his party have expressed their support for the leader, “a silent majority” is growing louder and they are calling for Netanyahu to step down as soon as an indictment is filed against him, according the Israel’s Maariv newspaper.

Member of the Likud Central Committee, Gail Shmueli said: “Likud follows the principle of obedience. We do not let any leader down, but the problem is that today we have reached a moral low and there is a leadership that has morally flawed and can no longer continue.”

It seems that he tolerates corruption instead of uprooting it. He appears to be defending corruption. His place is not in Likud, especially not in a public role in general.

He asserted that “there are people in the camp of Netanyahu’s supporters who try to say that Bibi is everything, but Likud is not Bibi alone,” using Netanyahu’s nickname.

“It is clear that immediately after a draft indictment is filed against Netanyahu, he will have to resign right away. In reality, Netanyahu himself demanded that Ehud Olmert resign a year before an indictment was filed against him. He realised that there was a flaw in that, and that was in 2008, therefore he has to implement what others are demanding.”

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“The ministers are worried about what is happening and they are waiting for the judicial institution to issue its decision. If the Attorney General decides that Netanyahu’s smell is stinking and there is evidence for an indictment, I am sure they will call on him to resign in order to prove his innocence. I hope that Netanyahu will come out innocent, white as snow, but I call to consider the fact the he dragged us and the party into endless investigations that touches only the Likud. With every day that passes, Likud loses seats in the Knesset.”

“We are going through one of the darkest periods in the Likud’s history, if not the darkest one. If Bibi proves his innocence, we will all stand behind him,” Shmueli added.

Netanyahu has been questioned as a suspect in two graft cases.

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