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Israel to occupy Africa

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greets people during his arrival at James Spriggs Payne Airport in Monrovia, Liberia on 4 June 2017 [Prime Ministry of Israel/Anadolu Agency]

With the exception of the popular efforts made by the Conference for Palestinians Abroad to hinder the rabid Israeli efforts to hold a major conference next October entitled the Israeli-African Summit in Togo, we have barely seen any official or popular Arab efforts in this direction. This is despite the great danger posed by convening such a summit, which Israel has been laying the foundations for for several years, in light of the almost complete absence of the Arabs, which is an unprecedented development in Israel’s tireless efforts to bypass the wide wall of isolation and moral rejection it faces in Africa. It aims to present itself as a trusted partner for the continent’s nations.

The Conference for Palestinians Abroad viewed this summit, rightly so, as an insult to the struggles of the African nations and a disregard for their generations’ fair fight for liberation from colonisation and racism. It is also an attempt on the occupation government’s part to portray itself as a trusted partner for the African countries in order to fabricate its reality. It is not coming to Africa in order to spread love and unity, but instead aims to make Africa a market for the lethal products it produces and a place to export its mercenaries to help the dictators of the continent.

This is despite the fact that the African nations’ true interests and their efforts towards sustainable development, prosperity and growth do not align with the colonial racist occupation government in Palestine, given its record of hostility and terrorism. This is documented by several international and independent reports, including the ESCWA report regarding the escalations of the Israeli apartheid policies issued this year.

In addition to this, Israel, which commits war crimes, mass killings, flagrant violations and intimidation methods, as well as confiscates the Palestinian people’s land and resources and sponsors illegal extremist settler gangs, does not have the right to be a partner to developing nations seeking advancement, prosperity and the combat of terrorism.

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The efforts of the Conference for Palestinians Abroad are focused on mobilising governments, official and popular institutions, parties, civil society organisations, public figures, community leaders and the media across Africa and the entire world, in order to rally the efforts against the Israeli government’s actions. These actions are an attempt on Israel’s part to promote itself in the continent in a misleading manner, ignoring the principles of justice, the peoples’ rights and international laws and conventions. The conference summoned its efforts and began taking action, contacting concerned parties, especially the influential forces in the African nations in order to confront Israel’s attempts of exploitation and deception.

These are commendable efforts but of course they are not enough to stop this hateful and racist emergence in Africa. Putting an end to the conference is the duty of all African countries, organisations, committees, and people specifically, and generally the duty of the Arab and Muslim countries. This is because Israel’s presence in the continent will not be in the best interest of the African people, but rather in Israel’s interest as it exports death, mercenaries and tyranny to all the countries of the world. It also supports the totalitarian regimes that commit the ugliest forms of aggression, looting and pillage. Therefore, resisting this conference and sabotaging it by all means available is the duty of all nations on Earth.

It is worth mentioning in this regard that the only Arab action against the convention of this summit was by the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, during his visit to Khartoum in July 2016. In his meeting with Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, Abbas raised the issue of developing the Arab strategy in the African continent and cooperating in order to stop Israel’s attempts to achieve a breakthrough in Africa.

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We do not expect Sudan or the PA to do anything now, as it is too late and their political/diplomatic capabilities are limited. Moreover, their problems and misfortunes are too many to count, according to the former Egyptian Ambassador to Angola, Sao Tome and Niger, Belal Al-Masry, who, in an important article published on the Democratic Arab Centre website, listed five reasons why the Israeli summit in Africa is dangerous. These points should be considered and reflected upon, the most important of which is the fact that the conference’s purpose is to restore and develop the African voting bloc in order to use it to support Israel’s international status.

Israel views the countries of the African continent as a voting bloc consisting of at least 50 votes. This was confirmed by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to seven African leaders with whom he met in Rwanda in July 2016. He also reiterated this in his speech to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Summit in Monrovia in June 2017. Hence, his statement regarding Israel having a bright future in the UN during his speech before the UN General Assembly at its regular session in September 2016, wasn’t too far from the truth. He also stated that his main diplomatic goal was to stop the African states from automatically voting against Israel at the UN and that the day he would achieve this isn’t too far. Therefore, holding the Israeli summit in Africa will mark the end of the Egyptian and Arab role, in general, in Africa and Israel will join the international forces competing for influence in the African continent. These countries include China, the United States, France, India, Russia, Iran and recently, Turkey.

It is not an overstatement to say that the Israeli conference in Togo will pave the way for Israel to reoccupy Africa, or at least a large part of it, politically, economically and militarily. This will further strengthen Israel’s international and regional standing and increase the suffering of the Palestinian people, who are paying the price for the fragmentation of the Arab system and their preoccupation with resisting the effects of the Arab Spring revolutions.

This article first appeared in Arabic in Al-Araby Al-Jadeed on 10 August 2017.

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  • Fasdunkle


  • Blake

    The organisation of African unity motioned a resolution at the UN in the 70’s that ‘israel’ – like apartheid SA – is an apartheid state

    • Eric11210

      If Israel is an apartheid state, which Israeli universities refuse to enroll Arabs?
      If Israel is an apartheid state, which Israeli hospitals refuse to treat Arabs?
      If Israel is an apartheid state, which Israeli parks have benches labeled Jews only?
      If Israel is an apartheid state, which Israeli law prevents Israeli Arab citizens from voting or holding high office?

      • It’s worse than an apartheid. Your avatar speaks for itself, your point of view.

        • Eric11210

          So no answers. Unsurprising.

      • Jamie Anderson

        Millions of non Jews in the West Bank are denied the vote while the settlers get to vote – everyone knows that. And Gazans are also unable to vote. Not only can’t they vote but they are oppressed, harassed, murdered, maimed, illegally gaoled, and denied basic resources like adequate food and water.

        • Brilliant, there’s an excelent video in MEMO youtube channel:

          “Jewish students: Al-Aqsa will disappear and Arabs will be our slaves”

          The kids are the reflect of a society.

          • Fasdunkle

            And no doubt the arabs who stab Jews are representatives or all Arabs

          • Fred Mace

            Zionists are in the way. Stabbing them is a mild effort to remove the menace. I suggest we arm them with the latest weapons for immediate wipe out of the infection.

          • Fasdunkle

            Ah nice, a terrorist lover

          • Jamie Anderson

            Racism by Israeli Jews seems to be getting increasingly worse.

        • Eric11210

          Yes, because the PA refuses to hold elections. Nothing to do with us. They are not Israeli citizens so why should they vote in Israel? They are controlled by the PA and the PA is the real apartheid regime — they have a law on the books demanding the death penalty for anyone who dares to sell land to Jews.

        • si91

          They can’t vote in Israeli elections because unlike the settlers, they are not Israeli citizens and do not want to be. They are PA citizens,and if they cannot vote, it is because Hamas and Fatah dictators don’t hold elections. Gaza, where you say the Palestinians are denied food and water, has an obesity epidemic. As far as attending universities is concerned, it is BDS racists who are actually against Palestinians and Israelis having any academic cooperation at all.

          • Jamie Anderson

            No you have it backwards – Palestinian refugees are not allowed to become Israeli citizens because Israeli Jews don’t want to be demographically swamped by non Jews and lose their cherished Jewish Homeland. Everyone knows that.

          • si91

            Israel has an Arab minority with citizenship and equal rights, and allowed some refugees to return provided they forswore violence and pledged loyalty to Israel. That said, I can’t say that I blame Israel for not wanting to be swamped by Arabs, turning their Jewish and democratic state into an Arab dictatorship. They would then be at the mercy of whatever thug ran that Arab dictatorship, and that has never turned out well for them.

          • Jamie Anderson

            Israel is a brutally racist non-democratic apartheid state where almost half its inhabitants are denied justice and humanitarian treatment, let alone being denied citizenship.

          • si91

            Wrong. Israel’s enemies are brutally racist non democratic apartheid Arab and Muslim dictatorships and kingdoms where no one has any rights, justice, or humanitarian treatment. Israeli Arabs are full Israeli citizens with equal treatment under the law and equal rights, and enjoy a higher standard of living than any Arabs in any Arab state. Israel is the only state where words like “rights” “freedom” “justice” and “humanitarian treatment” have any meaning whatsoever. The Palestinian Arabs are not Israeli citizens and don’t want to be; they are citizens of the PA, and are run by terrorists and thugs in Fatah and Hamas who deny them justice and humanitarian treatment, just like all of the Arab world’s criminal excuse for “leaders.”

          • Jamie Anderson

            The Palestinians who live in that part of Israel outside the Green Line would dearly love to be Israeli citizens. As you have already agreed (!) the reason Israel denies them this right is because the majority of their Jewish citizens fear being demographically swamped by non Jews.

            Your comment that “Israel is the only state where words like ‘rights’ ‘freedom’ justice’ and ‘humanitarian treatment’ have any meaning whatsoever.” is nonsensical.

          • si91

            No it is not nonsensical. The rest of the region is a sea of Arab despotism, tribalism, theocracy, and anarchy. So where’s the freedom, justice,and human rights? Israel is the only state where those ideas have legal weight. And no, the Palestinians living outside the Green Line don’t want to be Israeli citizens. That is why they have a history of murdering Israeli citizens with their Fatah and Hamas terrorist organizations. If they want to be Israeli, why not stop the terrorism? They want the Jews dead, so the entire area belongs to them. Israel has no reason to give a hostile population citizenship. They have PA citizenship because that’s what they chose.

          • Jamie Anderson

            That’s just crazy talk – you cannot be serious. On the one hand you admit that Israel won’t let its non Jewish inhabitants have citizenship rights then you claim it doesn’t matter – apparently they would rather continue to be persecuted in Israeli controlled open air gaols. The other thing you fail to mention is that the occupation is illegal and resisting an occupation of your land is legal!

          • si91

            You’re conflating two separate populations. Israel does let its non Jewish inhabitants have citizenship rights. That is why Israeli Arabs, Druze, Circassians, and even Vietnamese have citizenship rights. Even Israeli Arabs in the Golan Heights have citizenship, because Israel has annexed that territory. The Arabs in East Jerusalem were offered Israeli citizenship, but rejected it. The Palestinian Arabs, however, are not inhabitants of Israel, because the final status of the territory they live under is still being determined and has not been annexed by Israel. They are currently PA citizens, not Israeli citizens. The occupation is a perfectly legal response to their terrorism and wars against Israel

          • Jamie Anderson

            Wrong – the occupation, you will find, is and always was illegal. Israel controls the occupied territories of Greater Israel and refuses to give the inhabitants citizenship, unless, of course they are Jews.

          • si91

            *sigh* that is because *they are PA citizens* who don’t want to be Israeli citizens. Did you miss the whole Oslo Accords? These are not a people devoid of citizenship! They have their own governments and political parties that commit acts of terror against Israel, so why on earth should Israel give a hostile population citizenship? And no, there is no ethnic cleansing happening, because if there was, the Palestinian population would be disappearing. Instead it is growing, thanks in no small part to Israel’s providing jobs and a higher standard of living. The occupation is an understandable and legal response to terrorism,and will stop when the terrorism does. Israel ended its occupation of the Sinai in exchange for peace. It will do the same when it gets peace from the Palestinians. Israel is not committing “crimes against humanity.” Enough with the libel. Nor are the Palestinians “helpless.” They have the backing of virtually the entire Muslim world which supports their hateful, genocidal agenda. Israel is defending itself from fanatics who want to kill Jews. I want to help the Palestinians, which is why I want them to stop committing acts of terror. You, on the other hand, want them to waste their lives in genocidal, terrorist “resistance.” I want them to move on with their lives and embrace peace with Israel.

          • Jamie Anderson

            So how do you propose to allow Palestinians the right of return and compensation for their suffering (Zionist terrorism, murders, maiming, rapes of women and children, property theft and destruction, illegal imprisonment, and apartheid)?

          • si91

            First off, ignoring your venomous slanders like “apartheid” and “Zionist thugs”, not all of these people deserve compensation. Those villages were attacked by the IDF in response to their own attacks on Jews, and the entire “Nakba” they endlessly bellyache about was caused by their own repeated failure to accept partition plans that could have preserved the peace in favor of terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and land theft at the expense of Jews. Moreover, many of the Palestinian fled at the behest of the invading Arab armies, so Israel owes them nothing as well; the Arab states do for attacking Israel in the first place and asking the Palestinians to leave. The descendants of all these people, of course, are not Israel’s problem either, because they were born outside Israel in the Arab world. They too are the responsibility of the Arab states in which they were born, and are not, under any reasonable definition, “refugees.”

            That said, Israel has already essentially already paid reparations in the form of the property stolen from the comparable number of Jews who were ethnically cleansed from the Arab world in the years leading up to, and after, 1948, including in the anti Jewish pogroms in Iraq in 1941, (aka Farhud) Libya in 1945, Syria and Bahrain in 1947, Morocco in 1948, and Egypt in 1956, among others, which is now worth hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars at today’s prices.

            I do not propose that the Palestinians be allowed the right of return, because no other refugee population in any other conflict has been allowed this, and the Palestinians are not special snowflakes to get such special treatment. I propose they be made citizens of the Arab states in which they were born, or now reside, and move on with their lives, just like German refugees from WWII, Indian and Pakistani refugees from their Partition, North and South Korean refugees from their Korean War, South Vietnamese refugees from the Vietnam War, etc. who were all resettled somewhere else. All other refugees in all other conflicts throughout human history have, sooner or later, been resettled, many in other countries, and eventually moved on with their lives without wasting generation after generation in a doomed jihad against their supposed enemies as the Palestinians have. Why can’t the Palestinians do the same?

          • Jamie Anderson

            So how come you support the actions of Zionist thugs and Israeli apartheid?

          • si91

            Because those two terms are myths peddled by misinformed Israel haters like you. Israel has a professional Western army and is the only apartheid free liberal democracy in the Middle East, the only place where Arabs can vote in meaningful elections for Arab MKs in Arab parties, the only place where women’s rights are meaningfully protected, the only place with any concept of gay rights, the only place with free speech, free press, and an independent judiciary.

            And in any case, this is a distraction from my main point which is that the Palestinians should give up their hateful, doomed, racist, genocidal agenda against Israel and move on with their lives in the Arab states in which most of them already live – *just like every other refugee population in human history has eventually been resettled and moved on.*

          • Jamie Anderson

            Israel is a European colonial state that is systematically ethnically cleansing the local ethnic people on land stolen from them. These refugees created by the criminal actions of Zionism are being brutally persecuted by a non democratic apartheid state and you want their persecution continued.

          • si91

            Israel liberated the area from colonialism through civil war that the Arabs started. They did plenty of land stealing too, but of course, you don’t care about that. The refugees are being persecuted by racist, genocidal Arab states. I want them to move on with their lives. You want them to waste their lives and die fighting Israel.

          • Jamie Anderson

            The Palestinian refugees have the legal and moral right to return to their homeland. ‘During the Jewish operations between January and May 1948, … around 250,000 Palestinians were driven by force from their homes, ….two hundred villages destroyed and scores of towns emptied.’ The Arab League Council decided to send in troops only at the end of April. There was no alternative for them. ‘Israel’ had started the war according to plan.

          • si91

            They have no more rights than any other refugee population. Most other refugees in other conflicts were resettled elsewhere. Why can’t the Palestinians do teh same? Most of these “refugees” are the descendants of the original ones and were born in the Arab world. Why can’t they just be made citizens of the Arab countries in which they were born? Moreover, Israel attacked the Palestinian villages and towns that attacked it, while sparing those that did not to become Arab citizens of Israel. The Arab League attacked to push the Jews into the sea.

      • Answer about the genocide for dropping bombs in highly populated areas by civilians, or by cutting water supplies, attempts to destroy sacred temples. The list goes on and on.

        • Eric11210

          Why can’t you answer my questions? As for your pathetic efforts, why don’t you ask Hamas — they are the ones who use populated areas including temples and the like as missile launching sites. I swear, you jihadis never seem to bother with the most basic of facts.

          • I didn’t mention that it’s an apartheid, i said that it’s worse than an apartheid, and it’s. What do you mean about “you jihads”? I don’t have jihads, i don’t follow any religion, I stoped to be an ignorant a long time ago. But, asnwer about Hamas, you are trying to justify the genocides commited by israeli forces talking about Hamas, but as long as know Hamas was founded in 1987, a long time before the state of israel was created.

          • Eric11210

            If Israel is committing genocide, it’s doing a piss poor job of it considering that the Arab population continues to expand.

          • Sorry, but you don’t have good arguments, just excuses for aberrant behaviour. And it’s also limited for giving excuses just for what is convenient.

          • Eric11210

            Whereas you have no argument whatsoever. Just nonsense lies.

          • Helen4Yemen

            APARTHEID ‘ISRAEL’

            1. Does the term ‘apartheid’ fit Israel?
            Of course it does. Los Angeles Times May 17, 2014

            2. It’s Time to Admit It. Israeli Policy Is
            What It Is: Apartheid – Haaretz Aug 17, 2015

            3.Noam Chomsky: Israeli Apartheid ‘Much Worse’
            Than South Africa – Aug 25, 2015

            4. Veteran South African activist Denis Goldberg:
            Israel ‘an apartheid state’
            Middleeastmonitor Jul 28, 2015

            5. The tribulations of being an Ethiopian Jew
            9 February 2012 (IRIN)

            6. Under Israeli Apartheid, Palestinians Cannot
            Ride Israeli Buses -Counterpunch OCTOBER 28, 2014

            7. Israel an apartheid state?
            A majority of Jews say yes — RT .com

            8.Apartheid in the Holy Land
            Desmond Tutu -The Guardian April 28, 2002

          • Eric11210

            Answer the questions Madame Jihad.

          • Don’t waste your time with that child, he just gives excusses for what he wants, when he has no arguments for certain issues or he keeps hitting the same key or responds with something that has nothing to do with. He even know what jihad means propably, and keep saying this as a pejorative term.

          • Noticed that this Eric said that I don’t have arguments, just lies, but he post just some links about Tutu, but he ignored these other people, because he has nothing to say. By the way, the text of Noam Chomsky is excellent.

      • Helen4Yemen

        Desmond Tutu:

        “I have been to the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and I have
        witnessed the racially segregated roads and housing that
        reminded me so much of the conditions we experienced in
        South Africa under the racist system of Apartheid. I have
        witnessed the humiliation of Palestinian men, women, and
        children made to wait hours at Israeli military checkpoints
        routinely when trying to make the most basic of trips to visit
        relatives or attend school or college, and this humiliation is
        familiar to me and the many black South Africans who were
        corralled and regularly insulted by the security forces of the
        Apartheid government.”

        • Eric11210

          Tutu is a raving anti-Semite. Not surprised you quote that foaming at the mouth Jew hater. He thinks exactly like you do.

          • Here comes the anti-semite card, always used in a lack of good arguments.

          • Eric11210

            http://www. huffingtonpost. ca/diane-bederman/whatever-happened-to-desmond-tutu_b_3450768.html
            http://www. newsmax. com/Newsfront/Alan-Dershowitz-Jimmy-Carter-Bishop-Tutu/2014/09/30/id/597770/

            https://www. the-american-interest. com/2012/10/04/archbishop-tutu-please-apologize-to-the-jews/

      • Helen4Yemen

        The bottom line is that Palestine is not your grandma’ s land,
        POLAND is.

        • Eric11210

          Oh Madame Jihad, that same stupid effort to tell the same stupid lie. So boring.

        • Khazaria too.

  • Alfred

    There are no limits to the magnitude of a true pharisee ghool, it feeds on the kind & unaware childishness of the world, a usual hyena that will greedily devour anything you are inattentive to; a master trickster it will fool you out of your life, after robbing with high pleasure everything you have; one of their national games, to feed & pass the time; as a cany dingo 😉 … the original vampire

  • charliematerne

    When did Israel EVER “occupy Africa”?

    • Azzizza

      It does not need to occupy Africa! It occupies the US and via the USA controls the rest of the world.

      • charliematerne

        Oh, Dad, If Israel is as all-powerful, as you claim, why are you still alive propagating your bigoted lies?

  • Ali

    Am a Somali and let me say this
    The Arabs you have treated is Badly wallahi
    We joined the Arab league in order to expand our country Somalia
    Countries like Saudi and UAE plot against Somalia
    It high time we exit the Arab league
    You are no use to us
    And this is to Saudi Arabia
    If it wasn’t for Hajj we would never even set foot in that stupid country

    • Helen4Yemen

      But what has your comment got to do with the topic.
      I get the feeling that you are one of the predators on Arab soil who go by “Israeli”?

      • Ali

        I didn’t get you

  • osman

    This article’s headline is sensationalist, its arguments are based on false premises and pompous assumptions; and therefore, comes up with hyperbolic conclusion – that is; ” the Israeli conference in Togo will pave the way for Israel to reoccupy Africa…. politically, economically and militarily.” However, little empirical evidence, or facts, is provided to support those premises and the conclusion.

    The article alleged that Israel” aims to make Africa a market for the lethal products it produces”; however, it doesn’t say what are those “lethal products” nor to which countries were/are they exported. Nor does the author provides some facts about the Israel’s “mercenaries to help the dictators of the continent”.

    Similarly, it is not clear whether the so-called Israel’s “racist emergence in Africa” is real or assumed; but in any case, the author offer no facts again.

    So having introduced scaremongering, unsupported (if not false) assumptions and hyperbolic statements, the stage is set for its most outrageous conclusion – it is all about “Israel’s interest as it exports death, mercenaries and tyranny to all the countries of the world”.

    So Israel’s now becomes accused of horrific crimes such as exporting death, mercenaries and supporting tyrants, not only to Africa but to the entire world; thus, “resisting this conference and sabotaging it by all means available is the duty of all nations on Earth”. All this is without any evidence provided. I call this “scaremongering”, euphemistically; but it could be called worse.

    Then, the author ignores that African countries can make their mind about how to deal with Israel or take their decisions independently of the Arab countries and their warming up to Israel and its “lethal products”. They are also in better position than this patronising author to know about their interests, and what they can get from good relations with Israel. There’s also the argument that with good diplomatic relations with Israel, those countries can then exert pressures on Israel to end occupation of the Palestine.

    It is one thing to condemn what Israel is doing to the Palestinians and their land, to try to raise awareness of the dangers of occupation and settlement; it is completely another thing to portrayed Israel as an Imperialist state with imperial interests in Africa. That’s simply not true, and it would be naive if the author thought African people would believe such statements.

    • “it is completely another thing to portrayed Israel as an Imperialist state with imperial interests in Africa.” No need to portrait Israel as an imperialist state, Israel it’s a imperalist state, everyone that studies about the khazarians jewish know who they are, what they want and where they live today.

      • Fasdunkle

        MEMO is a muslim brotherhood site – an explicitly imperialist organisation which supports apartheid

    • Helen4Yemen

      Question: Do the African people know that the white

      Jews attempted a total annihilation of black Jewry

      via forced sterilization?

      • osman

        Whatever one believes in, one needs to substantiate his/her arguments with facts, so if you or the author have any facts that Israel or “White Jews” have tried to “annihilate” or “occupy” Africa. Without substantiation, it is difficult to convince those of us with critical knowledge who don’t fall for scaremongering hyperbolic writers.

      • osman

        Thanks God African people don’t know about your defamatory news. You have now replied three times to my comments, and what you’ve said in those replies doesn’t convince me to be honest. On the contrary, it makes me more conscious of how fanatical focus on Israel and amplifying every negative news about Israel can be dangerous – bordering anti-antisemitism. Do you know about the “blood label” stories that targeted Jews people and made them look like they’re blood suckers, murders of children and women and all other innocent people? Well, your little stories can contribute to hatred towards the Jewish people.

        It really shocks me that you repeat the word “Jews” multiple times and associated it with “sterilisation” of women [innocent] “harvesting human organs and trafficking”. You go beyond Israel and attack and smear the whole Jewry world – particularly the white ones that you consider the basis of all the evil things that happened in Africa and beyond.

        Do you know that many Jews people [including Israelis] oppose and condemn the oppression of the Palestinians, and demand assiduously that Israel ends the occupation of Palestine? The efforts of Jews people in working towards peace have never faltered – academics, Rabbis, journalists and citizens have all stood side by side with Palestinians to pressurise Israel to give equal rights to Palestinians and to end occupation. Your little stories ignores such efforts and portray Jewish people as having murderous intentions.

        That won’t serve anyone, and certainly not the Palestinians and their cause. I hope you’re open your eyes to the world around and use your brain instead of your emotion.

        • Helen4Yemen

          95% of Jews supported the Gaza bombings


          replace + with .

          • osman

            You mean the Jews of Israel? I don’t deny that the Israeli Jews mainly supported the oppression of Palestinians, continued settlements; occupation and blockade of Gaza; however, many of them are just misinformed and galvanised by ultra-conservatives and Zionists lobbies who brainwash people into believing that it is all Palestinian faults. But then you generalised about the Jewish people, and that’s wrong. You also accused Israel of murdering and sterilising the “world”, that’s also wrong. Israel like any other country is capable of carrying oppression, killings and other atrocities; and Palestinians certainly were at the wrong end of all that, no justice loving person can deny that. But that’s wouldn’t be justification for defamation of the Jewish people.

          • Helen4Yemen

            • If you looked at the links I provided, it is not only the Jews in

            what they call “Israel” who overwhelmingly supported the

            Gaza bombings but also American Jews.

            • I did not accuse “Israel” of sterilizing the “world.” I

            provided many videos and articles that document that the

            white Jews in “Israel” injected the black Jews with birth

            control to stop them from having black babies.

            • You seem to have comprehension problems … therefore I

            seek no further dialogue with you – bye!

          • osman

            Write something substantiated, then accuse me of having “comprehension problems”? If you have any valid arguments, then provide them not the LINKS!! There’s nothing new I need to learn about Jews or Israel, certainly not from you.

          • Helen4Yemen

            Goodbye = goodbye!

  • Fasdunkle

    Typical unhinged nonsense from MEMO again

  • Humans are so primitive.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Zionist Logic — Malcolm X on Zionism

    Taken from The Egyptian Gazette– Sept. 17, 1964

    The Zionist armies that now occupy Palestine claim their ancient Jewish prophets predicted that in the “last days of this world” their own God would raise them up a “messiah” who would lead them to their promised land, and they would set up their own “divine” government in this newly-gained land, this “divine” government would enable them to “rule all other nations with a rod of iron.”

    If the Israeli Zionists believe their present occupation of Arab Palestine is the fulfillment of predictions made by their Jewish prophets, then they also religiously believe that Israel must fulfill its “divine” mission to rule all other nations with a rod of irons, which only means a different form of iron-like rule, more firmly entrenched even, than that of the former European Colonial Powers.

    These Israeli Zionists religiously believe their Jewish God has chosen them to replace the outdated European colonialism with a new form of colonialism, so well disguised that it will enable them to deceive the African masses into submitting willingly to their “divine” authority and guidance, without the African masses being aware that they are still colonized.


    The Israeli Zionists are convinced they have successfully camouflaged their new kind of colonialism. Their colonialism appears to be more “benevolent,” more “philanthropic,” a system with which they rule simply by getting their potential victims to accept their friendly offers of economic “aid,” and other tempting gifts, that they dangle in front of the newly-independent African nations, whose economies are experiencing great difficulties. During the 19th century, when the masses here in Africa were largely illiterate it was easy for European imperialists to rule them with “force and fear,” but in this present era of enlightenment the African masses are awakening, and it is impossible to hold them in check now with the antiquated methods of the 19th century.

    The imperialists, therefore, have been compelled to devise new methods. Since they can no longer force or frighten the masses into submission, they must devise modern methods that will enable them to manouevre the African masses into willing submission.

    The modern 20th century weapon of neo-imperialism is “dollarism.” The Zionists have mastered the science of dollarism: the ability to come posing as a friend and benefactor, bearing gifts and all other forms of economic aid and offers of technical assistance. Thus, the power and influence of Zionist Israel in many of the newly “independent” African nations has fast-become even more unshakeable than that of the 18th century European colonialists… and this new kind of Zionist colonialism differs only in form and method, but never in motive or objective.

    At the close of the 19th century when European imperialists wisely foresaw that the awakening masses of Africa would not submit to their old method of ruling through force and fears, these ever-scheming imperialists had to create a “new weapon,” and to find a “new base” for that weapon.


    The number one weapon of 20th century imperialism is zionist dollarism, and one of the main bases for this weapon is Zionist Israel. The ever-scheming European imperialists wisely placed Israel where she could geographically divide the Arab world, infiltrate and sow the seed of dissension among African leaders and also divide the Africans against the Asians.

    Zionist Israel’s occupation of Arab Palestine has forced the Arab world to waste billions of precious dollars on armaments, making it impossible for these newly independent Arab nations to concentrate on strengthening the economies of their countries and elevate the living standard of their people.

    And the continued low standard of living in the Arab world has been skillfully used by the Zionist propagandists to make it appear to the Africans that the Arab leaders are not intellectually or technically qualified to lift the living standard of their people … thus, indirectly “enducing” Africans to turn away from the Arabs and towards the Israelis for teachers and technical assistance.

    “They cripple the bird’s wing, and then condemn it for not flying as fast as they.”

    The imperialists always make themselves look good, but it is only because they are competing against economically crippled newly independent countries whose economies are actually crippled by the Zionist-capitalist conspiracy. They can’t stand against fair competition, thus they dread Gamal Abdul Nasser’s call for African-Arab Unity under Socialism.


    If the “religious” claim of the Zionists is true that they were to be led to the promised land by their messiah, and Israel’s present occupation of Arab Palestine is the fulfillment of that prophesy: where is their messiah whom their prophets said would get the credit for leading them there? It was Ralph Bunche who “negotiated” the Zionists into possession of Occupied Palestine! Is Ralph Bunche the messiah of Zionism? If Ralph Bunche is not their messiah, and their messsiah has not yet come, then what are they doing in Palestine ahead of their messiah?

    Did the Zionists have the legal or moral right to invade Arab Palestine, uproot its Arab citizens from their homes and seize all Arab property for themselves just based on the “religious” claim that their forefathers lived there thousands of years ago? Only a thousand years ago the Moors lived in Spain. Would this give the Moors of today the legal and moral right to invade the Iberian Peninsula, drive out its Spanish citizens, and then set up a new Moroccan nation … where Spain used to be, as the European zionists have done to our Arab brothers and sisters in Palestine?…

    In short the Zionist argument to justify Israel’s present occupation of Arab Palestine has no intelligent or legal basis in history … not even in their own religion. Where is their Messiah?

    • Nice, thanks for sharing, I already read, but it’s a very good reading.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Israel’s Africa policies ‘an exercise in cynicism’

    South African intelligence accuse Israel of “fueling insurrection”, selling arms and “appropriating” African resources.

    Will Jordan & Rahul Radhakrishnan26 Feb 2015 Secret documents obtained by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit expose a deep disdain by South Africa’s spies for their Israeli counterparts, with intelligence assessments accusing Israel of conducting “cynical” polices in Africa that include “fuelling insurrection”, “appropriating diamonds” and even sabotaging Egypt’s water supply.

    Political wariness on the part of the South Africans is hardly surprising given Israel’s extensive military and security cooperation with the apartheid regime ousted in 1994. The current South African government is led by the African National Congress, which aligned itself with the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

    A secret analysis from South African intelligence dismisses a tour of African countries by the Israeli foreign minister in 2009 as “an exercise in cynicism”.

    It says Avigdor Lieberman’s nine-day trip to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya laid the groundwork for arms deals and the appropriation of African resources, while hiding behind “a philanthropic façade”. Israel has long maintained ties with African countries based on its own security and diplomatic needs. Its ties with the old apartheid regime in South Africa were strongly based on military needs, and reportedly included cooperation in the development of nuclear weapons.

    Kenya, from where Israeli special forces staged a commando raid to free hostages held at Uganda’s Entebbe airport in 1977, has long been counted as an important ally.

    Reports in the Israeli and Nigerian media last month said the US had blocked Israel’s planned sale of military helicopters to Nigeria. Israeli media hailed Israel’s deepening ties with President Goodluck Jonathan for putting an end to a December 30 UN Security Council resolution setting a timetable for Israeli withdrawal from occupied Palestinian territories. Nigeria had signalled it would support the Palestinian-backed resolution, but its switch to an abstention denied the resolution the necessary majority in the Council.

    • Helen4Yemen

      Part 2

      Destructive Policies

      South Africa’s “Geopolitical Country and Intelligence Assessment” of October 2009 accused Israel of pursuing destructive policies in Africa that include:

      Compromising Egypt’s water security : Israeli scientists, the report claimed, “created a type of plant that flourishes on the surface or the banks of the Nile and that absorbs such large quantities of water as to significantly reduce the volume of water that reaches Egypt.” The report offers no additional evidence for this claim.

      Fueling insurrection in Sudan: Israel is “working assiduously to encircle and isolate Sudan from the outside,” the report wrote, “and to fuel insurrection inside Sudan.” Mossad agents have also “set up a communications system which serves to both eavesdrop on and secure the security of presidential telecommunications.” Israel had long been at loggerheads with Khartoum, and supported the secessionist movement that eventually broke away and created South Sudan, with which it has diplomatic ties.

      Co-opting Kenyan intelligence: “As part of Mossad’s safari in Central Africa it had exposed to the Kenyans the activities of other foreign spy networks”. In return, the report wrote, Kenya granted permission for a safe house in Nairobi and gave “ready access to Kenya’s intelligence service”.

      Arms proliferation : Israel has been “instrumental in arming some African regimes and allegedly aggravating crises among others, including Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea and South Africa”, according to the document. Today it “is looking for new markets for its range of lightweight weapons” and covertly supplies armaments to “selected countries inter alia India” including “nuclear, chemical, laser and conventional warfare technologies”.

      Acquiring African mineral wealth: Israel “plans to appropriate African diamonds”, the South African spies alleged, as well as “African uranium, thorium and other radioactive elements used to manufacture nuclear fuel”.

      Training armed groups: “A few Israeli military pensioners are on the lookout for job opportunities as trainers of African militias,” the report said, “while other members of the delegation were facilitating contracts for Israelis to train various militias.”

      • Helen4Yemen

        —Part 3

        ‘Exercise in cynicism’

        In 2009, when Lieberman took his official tour of Africa, the Israeli foreign ministry issued a statement quoting him as saying “the visit to Africa is very important in reinforcing and improving Israel’s standing in the international community.”

        But South African intelligence analysts took a jaundiced view of the exercise.

        “While Liberman [sic] talked with African leaders about hunger, water shortage, malnutrition and plagues afflicting their nations,” they wrote, “Tel Aviv’s promises to African states could be seen as the gloss on an exercise in cynicism.”

        The South African document said “Israel’s military, security, economic and political tentacles have reached every part of Africa behind a philanthropic facade”. And it saw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as launching a diplomatic offensive to win friends in Africa.

        South Africa will not currently be counted as among those friends, though, if the assessment of the State Security Agency is anything to go by. Lieberman further annoyed the South African government in November 2013 when he warned the country’s 70,000-strong Jewish community that it faced a “pogrom” and could only save itself by immigrating to Israel “immediately, without delay, before it’s too late”.

        “The government of South Africa is creating an atmosphere of anti-Israeli sentiment and anti-Semitism,” Lieberman said, “that will make a pogrom against Jews in the country in just a matter of time”.

        The South African Jewish Board of Deputies dismissed Lieberman’s comments as “alarmist and inflammatory”, and noted that South African Jews experienced comparatively low rates of anti-Semitism.

  • Most of North Africa supports Palestine. Most of Sub-Saharan Africa supports Israel.

  • peepsqueek

    Africa is experiencing more than half of worldwide incidents of conflict, despite having only about 16 percent of the world population. This is a slightly larger share of the world’s conflicts than even during the chaotic years of the post-Cold War 1990s.

    The absolute number of conflicts worldwide has greatly decreased over the last two decades. So despite shouldering a larger share of the conflict burden, in absolute terms, Africa has become more peaceful as well. And secondly, the remaining conflicts seem to cluster in specific regions and involve only a few of Africa’s 54 nation-states, basically those regions with the largest Islamic populations.

    According to the Uppsala Conflict Data Program, twelve African countries experienced armed conflict in 2014. Three additional countries—Burundi, Niger and Chad—will likely be added to the list for the 2015 data.

    Geographically Africa’s conflicts are tightly clustered along an arc stretching from northern Mali through southern Algeria and Libya into Egypt, extending into the Sinai peninsula.

    The Boko Haram conflict in northeastern Nigeria is another epicenter and situated in relative proximity to an area of conflict hot spots in the Central African Republic, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, South Sudan and Darfur.

    On Africa’s eastern coast, the Somali civil war is still going strong in its third decade. It seems to be that the Countries with the most Islamic populations have the most constant conflicts. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.

  • Jamie Anderson

    It’s a problem for me. In Israel, dark skinned African Jews are treated like scum.

    • si91

      And yet, they voluntarily travel to Israel, skipping all the Arab states along the way, because they know that Israel will treat them better than any Arab state. People vote with their feet. Israel tries to combat racism and has anti discrimination laws. What has the Arab world done about its far more heinous racism against non Arabs? Libya and Mauritania have slavery of black Africans, while Israel had a black Miss Israel and black IDF soldiers, but sure, Israel is somehow the problem here.

  • si91