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Syrian Opposition warns against Arab and regional efforts to rehabilitate the Assad regime

Image of Syrian President Bashar Assad on 14 April 2017 [Inform the world/Twitter]
Syrian President Bashar Assad on 14 April 2017 [Inform the world/Twitter]

Chairman of the legal committee of Syria's Democratic Opposition Coalition, Haitham Al-Maleh, warned of Arab, regional and international efforts to bury the Syrian revolution and rehabilitate the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

In an interview with Quds Press, Al-Maleh revealed the "serious" complications that face the Syrian revolution as well as the opposition factions because of the decline of material and political support for the opposition forces and the simultaneous reopening of communication channels between some Arab regimes and the Assad regime.

Al-Maleh noted that the Syrian Opposition Coalition suffers from a severe shortage in funding and that many of its branches, including its branch in Brussels, are likely to close.

Al-Maleh expressed his regret that this is taking place while some Arab countries, including Egypt and Algeria are supporting the regime of Bashar Al-Assad while some others such as Tunisia are seeking to reopen the channels of communication with a regime that has killed and displaced millions of innocent Syrians

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He added, "Some Arab countries are now seeking to finish what Iran and Russia have started in their support of Bashar Al-Assad against the Syrian people, but this is a useless support since Syrians as well as the international community will not accept a reconciliation with a regime that committed all these crimes against its people.


On the upcoming meetings of the Supreme Commission for Negotiations in Riyadh, Al-Malehalso said that "the positions of various Arab, regional and international countries regarding the Syrian revolution are very unclear, and perhaps the upcoming Riyadh meetings are symptoms of this ambiguity."


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